Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Barbecue Party..

Our party really rocks! We had such a wonderful time in Donghu Park during our barbecue party last Monday. Every year, 2L3Bs used to host a party for our friends, love ones and extended families here in China. For many years now, we always cherish the fun and excitement we all experienced during those annual parties we had. And this year is kind of extra special for many reasons:

* We had an outdoor party and found it really more exciting and fun than the previous years. We used to celebrate it indoors such as in the hotel or in our home.. But this year, Donghu Park is the place to be.. It has a lot to offer like the amazing scenery's, amusement area, bar and the lake where you can have some fishing and barbecue party at any of their secluded spots.. This is the entrance to the Donghu Park..

* Our party this year coincides with the Chinese New Year.. Thank God, we had booked the venue a week before the actual party because Donghu Park was full of people frolicking around the park when we arrived.

* We had finally met one of our blogmates (dot&co). We're so happy to finally met Grande, Dot and their son Gabe. Such a beautiful family.. We really enjoyed their company. We hope to meet them again soon.. I was so thankful that I found Dot in the blogger.com

* We also had our gift-giving as a way of thanking our friends for all the love and concern they had imparted to us..

Here are the rest of the photos. Some can be found in our friendster site at

See you again next year folks..! We love you all..


Deanna said...

Oh how I wish I could have been there! What fun you must have had. I just loved all of your pictures too.

Many hugs,
Deanna :)

Anonymous said...

Nice get-together party you got there. With friends and relatives around, it somehow lessen your longing. It fills the gap.. a home away from home. : )

dot&co. said...

dear 2L3Bs,

the feeling is mutual! we are equally thankful to have known and finally meet all of you! it's like we found a second family here in china.

thanks for everything, for the food, the fun, the gifts, the laughter and the warmth that you showered upon our family, i cannot say thank you enough!

looking forward to our next visit!


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