Thursday, December 31, 2009

SQ 1, Grants before 2010..!

On my way to SQUARE 1. It's the biggest Mall here in Mississauga. I need to get some stuff for our friends.

Then off to Grants. It's one of the known chinese/vietnamese grocery chains nearby selling almost all the household needs. All nationalities can pick and buy their foods there noting that they sell even the most exotic type of foods. Good thing that they even carry Filipino stuffs especially our favourite "BAGOONG" and "CHICHARON"..

I'll gonna be there to buy additional stuff for our POT LUCK tonight..
6 kgs of of chicken breast
1 kg. chicken liver
1 box of yoghurt (original)
1 2% fresh milk
olive oil

Guess what menu we could cook with that..?


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Belated Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year to one and all!!

I haven't been to this site lately.. soooooo many things had happened since my last up-date.. most of them were terribly exciting yet i failed to jot it here.. i guess Facebook really won the hearts of the idle minds like mine.. hehe..

Anyway, so how was Christmas everyone?

We though we'll gonna have a white Christmas. It should be because we were actually anticipating a white one even before we migrated here. It turned out a rainy Christmas yet happy to say it became a really colorful one.. We celebrated it in our niece and nephews' home in Dundas West. And yes, our jaws ached due to so much fun and laughter..

Good food, heart-warming people, gift giving and anecdotes of the past really made the best Christmas ever..!! We're really blessed and we couldn't ask for more..

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