Thursday, December 31, 2009

SQ 1, Grants before 2010..!

On my way to SQUARE 1. It's the biggest Mall here in Mississauga. I need to get some stuff for our friends.

Then off to Grants. It's one of the known chinese/vietnamese grocery chains nearby selling almost all the household needs. All nationalities can pick and buy their foods there noting that they sell even the most exotic type of foods. Good thing that they even carry Filipino stuffs especially our favourite "BAGOONG" and "CHICHARON"..

I'll gonna be there to buy additional stuff for our POT LUCK tonight..
6 kgs of of chicken breast
1 kg. chicken liver
1 box of yoghurt (original)
1 2% fresh milk
olive oil

Guess what menu we could cook with that..?


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Belated Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year to one and all!!

I haven't been to this site lately.. soooooo many things had happened since my last up-date.. most of them were terribly exciting yet i failed to jot it here.. i guess Facebook really won the hearts of the idle minds like mine.. hehe..

Anyway, so how was Christmas everyone?

We though we'll gonna have a white Christmas. It should be because we were actually anticipating a white one even before we migrated here. It turned out a rainy Christmas yet happy to say it became a really colorful one.. We celebrated it in our niece and nephews' home in Dundas West. And yes, our jaws ached due to so much fun and laughter..

Good food, heart-warming people, gift giving and anecdotes of the past really made the best Christmas ever..!! We're really blessed and we couldn't ask for more..

Monday, September 07, 2009

family in canada

photo of our family here in canada. we're getting bigger and happier..!

taken during our 3-day weekend get-away in sherkshore resort.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

biking around

i woke up quite late this morning. got nothing to do.. it's my day off so i decided to bike around bristol road and gone out to see the place. biking from bristol to its major intersection in hurontario gave me a break from it all.. such fun.. canada has offered us such clean and invigorating environment.

hubby has been transferred to a much better post, he's now gonna work from 7am to 3pm everyday which means there are more time seeing each other finally.. two sons shall work in their usual grave shifts and they're happy about it. they don't sleep at night though.

daughter is enrolled but we still has to wait for the principal's call to confirm her class schedule. she only has to take 4 subjects during the first semester and another four later before she graduate.

happy and relaxed.. nice, huh?

Monday, August 31, 2009


just the address though. we'll be moving to applewood at the park on october 1st! whoa, we're all excited....

part of the changes is that my day off will be today and tommorow instead of the usual tuesdays alone.. but only for this week.. :(

the reason is because i have to enroll our daughter to St Francis Xavier Catholic School. Yup, she got to go back to high school and complete the 8 remaining units not offered from her previous schools in china..

gotta go now.. miss you all!

see you later tonight.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Julie and Julia

Just arrived from Square One after watching the movie with my daughter. Such fun watching our ever-favourite Meryll Streep.. The movie is really fun yet we were dissappointed that Julie and Julia did not end up meeting each other..

This has been my 3rd movie since I arrived here in Canada. Busy, eh? hehe..

This is one of the joys of having my day off during Tuesdays.. Not so many people in the movie houses and malls..

Monday, August 24, 2009


just waiting for my driver from work. 'gotta start early today for the school openings.. gee, i never thought most schools here in Canada patronizes us.. it's exciting though.

see ya! the driver is here.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Home Alone

Hubby and 2 sons are at work while my daughter will stay overnight in our niece and nephew's home and will come back tomorrow morning. In a meantime, here I am alone in our home and keeping up with my neglected friends on line.

It's my day off today. My hubby and myself had gone out this afternoon and meet up with a new house agent. He showed us a property near Dundas West. It's a high rise condo, the price is relatively low yet the maintenance fee is outrageously high. We love it at first sight considering that the interior design, the number of rooms and the area alone is really lovely but as mentioned, the maintenance fee is not acceptable. Just like paying two homes at a time which is a big turn off.

The rain pounded really hard while we're on our way to see the condo this afternoon. It was only awhile ago when I heard the news that tornado alert were being activated by Environment Canada and was downgraded to severe thunderstorms at 2 pm today. People were warned early this afternoon without us knowing it.. Gee, isn't that scary..?

Saturday, August 01, 2009


i went home early from work today.. i was not really feeling well this morning that i thought i would never arrive home in one piece.

i'm not complaining though but this 12-hour job i got right now really stressed me out. the actual work is not that hard but the responsibility and the long hours in such a busy place would make anyone feel grumpy and tired.

i miss my 8-hour job in hong kong and china wherein the job mainly requires me to handle the sales, promotion and distribution of plating equipments and related stuff; full time in my office sitting in front of my computer and meeting customers to follow up deals. now that i shifted to food industry made me realized how lucky i was then..

i already got my OHIP Card (Ontario Health Card) last week but we don't have any family doctor yet so i was not able to see one today. i'll try to go to a nearby clinic tommorow for a check up. in a meantime, i'm here in bed and trying to recuperate. the dizziness and joint pains really struck me hard.

About the house? Well, we did not get it.. we tried to offer $213K but failed..

Thursday, July 30, 2009

no good news yet..

we're still in the process of negotiating. i'm not sure how much longer would it take, and if i would end up happy or sad.. :(

this offer and counter-offer we had made to own that house is maddening. this is all new to us.. we built our first home on a cash basis and the process of owning a home here in canada really scares us. we're so naive, we don't even know the jargons they used prior to negotiating with the real estate agent and the terms they used in getting a mortgage; not to mention our minimal comprehension on how it would work on our favor. funny, huh?

our agent who's supposedly protecting our interest is of course on the side of the seller because that's where he is getting his commission. thanks to the good people who are backing us up, they gave us the reason why we're sticking to the price they advised us to offer.

And here's the news: my real estate agent came to my place of work three times yesterday and twice today. He even called my hubby for a meeting tomorrow. I guess this is an indication that the seller is relenting...

Counter Offer

We just made a counter-offer at 9:30 pm tonight.

I hope tommorow's news would not break my heart..

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Keeping Our Fingers Crossed

It's my day off today. Hubby and myself had gone out for house hunting trip. this has been going on for about a month now and today seemed to be a lucky day. i guess the house in 400 Mississauga Valley Blvd is the best house for us..

It's a Condo Townhouse located in the Heart Of Mississauga, very well maintained with access to garage & fully fenced yard. Close to our daughter's school, shopping, library, community centre, parks & major highway access. Walking distance to Cooksville Go Station, Public Transit and very near my place of work.

We just confirmed our offer two hours ago... few hours from now we would know exactly if 2L3B's would finally find its HOME SWEET HOME here in Canada..

Monday, July 27, 2009

12:35 am

... and I'm still here wide awake.. just got back from work but still kind of restless. i am not that tired anyway so i decided to visit this highly neglected site and tried to figure out what to write.

i'd been missing my friends here. how i wish i could write more often as before.. hmmmn..

after the transition, we might say that our life here in canada is more solid. china could be considered as a nice place to be but we can never consider it as our final destination. although we highly miss and love china, that place cannot offer the comfort and security we are having right now.

tommorow would be our 3rd full month since our arrival here. during those almost 90 days of staying here, we can safely presume that we really made a wise decision to migrate. Thanks God we made it..

Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Shoot Outs: Water

Hi there everyone.. I haven't been to many places yet but I hope you may find some of my shoot outs considerable enough.. Supposedly water but what I got are photos of us with the water as background..

Ontario Lake

Ontario Lake

Ontario Lake

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

Thanks so much for visiting..!!

With Love,

Monday, May 25, 2009



To all our dear friends.. May I apologize for not been able to up-date you for nearly four weeks.. Migrating is such a major tasks. Please note that I'd been missing you all!!!

We had left Shenzhen China for good last April 27, 2009 via Japan. We were able to visit our family in Vancouver before we moved on to our final destination. Now we are settled and having the best times of our lives here in Ontario Canada.

2 days after we arrived, my husband had found a job in Aristokrat Restaurant as a musician while after 8 days, I became employed as store manager to GCF Food Services Inc. We are so thankful to God for this opportunity. We cannot thank the Almighty enough.

My dearest friends, I hope to up-date you as much as I can but living and working in Canada is highly different compared to China and Hong Kong. My work now is more challenging. I cannot use my time mostly to myself this time unlike before where I can up-date you as often as I want. Here I gotta work much harder. But don't worry, I will do my best to see you every night. You're all such important part of my life as always..

See you soon my dearest friends..

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Friday's Shoot Outs: Native Foods and Restaurants

Shenzhen China like any bustling metropolis is a hub to various international cuisines. Since its opening up to foreign enterprise last decades ago, hundreds of foreign restaurants begun to sprout offering its own various specialties. There are lots to shoot about like the famous Steak from the West, The Nasi Goreng from Malaysia, Chicken Curry and Chapatti from India, Sushi from Japan, The Vietnamese Spring Rolls, Adobo from Manila, Tum Yum Kung from Thailand, and a lot, lot more which are just around the corner. You can taste it all here in Shenzhen..!
They got Pizza Hut here..

And even MdDonalds and KFC..

But in this Friday's Shoot Outs, what I wanna show is the authentic Chinese cuisine. NO EXTRA and here it is..

Within the vicinity of this Dongmen Area, you will smell and taste all the foods that you never seen before..

If you want to experience the most exotic food trip, try one of these..

Well known for their Super Hot Chilly Meals. If you're in for a super chilly meals, you must come and try this place.

Chinese Waffles. One of the best to try when walking around Dongmen.. It has different flavours such as chocolate, walnut, peanut and more..

This is not owned by Bruce Lee. They just want to benchmark their own style.. I just wonder what food has to do with the Karate Expert Sign..

Come to this place if you want to try their famous Ngau Lam Mien (Beef Noodle Soup)

Chinese Muslim Foodstuff famous for the Lamb and Mutton meals and known for the best Naan Bread and Roasted Chicken Legs.

Have you ever tried how Chinese Pizza would taste like? Come and join us..

This place offers the famous Chinese Hash Brown.. Gee, it really taste like chineseyy and it's too oily..

Cafe De Coral is a Chinese Franchise Restaurant offering chinese fastfoods such as shrimp dumplings, chinese doughnut and many more..

Hope you had enjoyed the exotic foods from China.. See you again next Friday friends and may you all have a happy and safe weekends ahead! Happy eating..

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