Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Post Vacation Mode

It's been awhile and I guess this is the best time to up-date my blog. Post vacation is always the hardest part. But hold on..

Myself and my husband had a great time cruising the Bahamas with our friends. We took a long drive from our home city to Newark, (Thanks Bob L for the smooth driving skills..). We arrived a day earlier to make sure we had the time to hear the Saturday mass at the 
Cathedral Basilica of The Sacred Heart, Newark, New Jersey then shopping and dinner at the nearest Outlet Mall afterwards.

After spending some time shopping, we had our simple dinner before heading to our hotel, checked in at Wyndam Garden Hotel Newark Liberty Intl Airport.  Checked out at 9am and headed to the dock to make sure not to miss our ship. And yes folks, we made it! We embarked successfully and excitedly checked in at our designated deck. The staff and crew of the Anthem Of the Seas are so efficient. A good start for a first timer.


While on board the ship, we were then so excited that we overlooked some interesting spots for photo shootouts and such. We headed to our deck right after the registration. Ours was deck 9 room 129. Our checked-in luggage reached our room fast enough than anticipated and it was such a plus for the first timers like us. Our deck had a virtual view of what the people from the best decks are enjoying. Nothing to complain about.. 

First night on board was awesome. We had our dinner at the Silk then watched the musical play "The Gift". Then Bar hopping and pizza night at The Sorrento's. Yes folks, foods and drinks are free on board except alcoholic beverages.

One can try sumptuous meals in various dining venues at the Anthem of the Seas but you have to book it ahead of time to minimize the hassle of queuing and waiting for your turn especially when you're with group of friends. There were always musical plays and entertainment to chose from at the Music Hall. After the play, we always enjoyed walking around and enjoyed the live music at the on-board bars and cafes. The best part is, we don't have to worry about drunk driving while you're on board. Whohoo! I finally enjoyed a glass of wine during dinner and a bottle of beer at the bar. Designated driver no more, amigo!

Second day was even more fantastic. We were then already used to the minor waves and movements of the ship. Piece of cake even when we encountered a bit bigger waves when we reached the Atlantic.

 We always had our breakfasts at the Windjammer Cafe at the 14th Floor. Set up as a buffet that offers variety of american and asian choices but I bet ya, we do not eat as much as we would like. :-)

Dinner is a formal set up. We requested a different venue towards the duration of our stay. We were moved to The American Grill and we loved it! Our waiter Rajiv and his Assistant Waiter Savio treated us like Royalties. Not much, but well, we were pampered to the way we would want to. 

The same as the first day, we had our breakfast, then joined various day time activities like Zumba classes, I-fly, on-board shopping, brisk walking around the ship or simply enjoy the ocean while lounging at the Solarium. 

I fly is among the highlights. This would cost you $200 inland, but gee, you can fly here for free! 

There are other number of interesting day time activities on board. The best part is the in land excursions in Florida and the Coco Cay and Nassau at the Bahamas. 

We took our time to visit NASA at Port Canaveral.

And of course, we immensely enjoyed the water and the tour of the Bahamas!!

This trip became more memorable and enjoyable when hubby were able to jam with the various bands both in and out of the ship.

  This was such an enlightening moment for myself and my husband. Being with friends for a week away from the hustle and bustle of our normal daily lives was such a gift. First time we really enjoyed life since we moved here in Canada.

And now that my laundry is ready for drying, may I bid you all goodbye. 
Yes folks, you can't get away from reality for long. 

Let me end this post with a kiss. 

Loida of the 2L3B's

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Canada Day 2015

Happy Canada Day everyone!!

It's been 6 years since we decided to migrate here and we never regretted living in this wonderful country now we call our home..

Thank you Canada.. You made our lives brighter..!! 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Missing you..

My hubby was practicing his music in our bedroom while I'm browsing in the net.. Then I found this old site.. 2L3B's Blogspot is where I hang out way back then.. 

I think I have to come back to the old ways.. We'll, why not..? See you soon then..

Friday, April 11, 2014


So cool how we live our life back here.. Some says its hard but you know what? I gather life here is easy if you only know how to work hard. Opps, conflicting analysis.. :-).. but what the heck.. The fruit of your labor is even sweeter in times like these. Yes folks, me and hubby are here in the bar located in one of the best places on earth enjoying my cocktail,  pa is having his favourite bud while watching the awesome country folk singer..

This is how we spend our Fridays..

TGIF.. God is always good..

Friday, February 01, 2013


What's a better way to overcome this idleness is to go back to the old days, meeting again the old friends i met and got acquainted to in space. yeah, i mean cyberspace. we had so much fun back then, the friday shootouts was then so exciting that i really have to carry my camera at work. do the shootouts after office hour on a friday and up-date my blogs as what friends out there does..

i missed those days.. i missed a lot of things back then. what's so entertaining before is now a thing of the past but what the heck, i can always come back.. friends are still out there..

i hope so.. i missed barry, with his comments to all friday participants and reggie girl.. where are you, my dear reggie girl? i miss you... please come back here and let's have fun the way we used to..

Friday, January 25, 2013

Family In Canada

Time flies so fast. It's been over 3 years since we migrated here in Canada and look at us, we're getting bigger each year.. A family of five, but look at us now. Such a blessing being with the family especially in such an important occasion...

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