Thursday, January 15, 2009


The strikingly charming photos below are the sceneries of the East Lake Reservoir which runs from Aiguo Road to Shawan Road I used to travel on my way to work..
Who am i to complain about my daily travels to and from my office? This view is such a gift..

I consider this a blessing, to see the beauty of nature for free.. except that at the end of the Shawan Road, these man-made constructions brought about by the erection of the new Metro Line extension would surely make you swear how monstrous a man could be in order to embrace the so-called development..

My office is in Henggang, actually located in the heart of the new development. According to the update below, the Metro Line 3 shall be completed by 2011.. Gee, few more years of suffering from traffic and distorted view of nature..

Metro Line 3 (M3) now under construction is one of the alignments enjoying priority for development in Shenzhen Rail Transit Phase II Project. M3 is 41.66km in full length and its Phase I project starts at Hongling Central Road and ends at Longgang Shuangiong Interchange, cutting through three districts such as Longgang, Luohu and Futian via 5 sub districts such as Buji, Nanwan, Henggang, Longgang and Longcheng, The project has begun the stage of its major structure construction and is planned to open to traffic in June 2010. The western extension from Hongling Road to Yitian in Futian District Phase II of the project has started in the late 2007 and is planned to open to traffic in June 2011
The above photo suggests that this is how it would gonna look like when the infrastructure ends.. Hmmmm..


H20s said...

Very beautiful area

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Wow! What a view to enjoy on the way to work! Thank you for stopping by my blog. It's nice to 'meet' you. Have a wonderful day.


Deanna said...

Amazing photos. I wish I had a drive like that on my way to work :)

We have tall hills here but at the edge of the city only. I can see them clearly when I am on my way home from work. There is a city about thirty minutes away called Bandera and we go horseback riding there on the weekends. The hills are so beautiful and hazy looking from a distance. Many creeks and ponds are all over the Hill Country and we take our horses riding through the creeks. They love it.

The street I take to get to work (about 2 minutes away from my own home) is in the last stages of having an overpass erected to meet up with a major freeway. Now all I see are gargantuan concrete pillars, road crew workers, heavy machinery and they totally block my view of the distant hills. I'm all for progress but not at the expense of my enjoyment of the distant vistas.

Deanna :)

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