Friday, January 09, 2009

twinkler's party

i'm here in my hong kong office until 1pm and i gotta hurry back to china to travel from shenzhen to guaming to attend the twinkler's party.

twinkler is a company that manufactures and distribute high-end christmas lights, fun impulse premium products and lighting accessories all over the world. every year, my pa's company used to supply them with entertainers to perform live during their annual dinner gala and party for their staff and employees. this has been our 6th year now and we are mighty glad they always uses my pa's entertainment services every year. as part of the crew, myself and my family are included in the list of the attendees. they're like family the way they welcome us and every year you'll see the same jolly faces of people we met wayback years ago.

have a nice weekend everyone..


Judith said...

how wonderful I like the name Twinklers party :) I hope the evening went well. It's encouraging for you and your family to be asked again and again. Take care, Judith

Deanna said...

Hi Loida!
What a cute name..Twinkler. I hope that it really is a twinkling party for you all. Have fun my friends

Deanna :)

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