Saturday, January 31, 2009

greeting cards

I am sending greeting cards to all my friends whom I'd never met, yet touched my heart one way or another..

To Deanna of Timeless Things who showered me with awards and countless heart-warming comments.. She's the kind of friend I would like to have forever..

To Judith of Judith's Quiet Moments for the award and for the kind comments that never fails to touch me..

To Bonnie of One Designing Woman who had made my late mother's birthday more meaningful..

And to all my blog friends who are mothers, may I send you this..

Advanced Happy Valentines to all of you my sweet cyber friends..

and to Blogusvox of The Sandbox, Happy Birthday to you and your daughter.. May you have many more Birthdays to come.. He is the one who assists me with my technical deficiencies.. Thanks a lot.

Friday, January 30, 2009

night out

Since we haven't been out for 3 straight days, we decided to take a night out. Pa has to work as well as our second son; so only myself, first son and our daughter who are both on vacation from work and school, gone out to have our dinner in Royalty Hotel to pass the time. Royalty Hotel has one of the cosiest western restaurant outlets in Shenzhen. You can hang around and enjoy their food, drinks, live band or just sit and relax while exploring the net with their free wireless internet access.

The live band by the way in Royalty Hotel is one of pa's bands. He has been supplying bands and providing entertainment services to various hotels, bars and restaurants in many parts of china. In case you need one, please give us a call..

After our meal, we decided to bar hop in Calio Bar. Pa also has a band there so we can always avail the 20% discount on all foods and drinks. I love Calio for its finger foods and cocktails and of course watching the live band because they are so good and yes, because my son is also moonlighting there. See the photo below..

Thursday, January 29, 2009

feng shui

We are definitely not Chinese, but we believe in feng shui.. Feng Shui however is not only for Chinese. It transcends cultural, economic, political as well as racial barriers. According to E. Moran, the term “feng shui” denotes the art and science of living in harmony with nature’s forces. As long as a person believe in God and supreme forces; has an open mind; believe that the world and its people are interconnected; believe that harmony and balance are essential to our well-being; and anyone who believe in a sense of fate and destiny; can be a practitioner or a believer of feng shui like us..

Actually, we’re kind of late to understand its advantages. I just started to read about it when our home was already built. According to some who has an extensive knowledge on feng shui, there are some areas in our home that needs to be modified. But there’s no way we would allow anyone destroy any part of our home.. That’s definitely a “NO!” Our home is a home that hard work built.. It is not leased nor mortgaged; we actually work so hard and save to build that. Thanks, solution is possible without turning our home up-side-down..

When I said our home, I am referring to our home in Baras. We are glad because it sits in the middle of a square lot which denotes stability and balance. Even the shape of our home is square which said to make qi able to flow freely and nourishes its occupants.. The problem lies in the position of doors in some of the rooms and pathways. But I was assured by other experts that it can be remedied if I put some of the following lucky charms in some locations in our home..

The word crystal comes from the Greek word krystallos, meaning "frozen light". Crystals have been used over the centuries for a myriad of purposes - from healing to protection to decoration.

Walking tall with trunk upraised in a traditional Feng Shui good fortune gesture, this decorative elephant statue makes a dramatic decor statement indoors or a fine addition to your Zen garden outdoors!

The symbol of power, good fortune, and wisdom. Other decors such as Chinese Lantern which signifies Peace, Love, Harmony, Joy Characters and Chimes..

Hong Tze Chinese Style Galloping Horses Sculpture made of resin and many more..

Never place a mirror where it directly reflects the front door, it serves as an gesture for the non-welcome to the house or the room.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Humans are such complicated creatures.. Like myself for example, I am in a terrible idle mood right now.. Boredom beats me. I am supposedly enjoying my 7-day vacation but suddenly I am longing to work back in my office and return to the normal chaos I used to face at work..

Oh my, isn't this very long holiday is what I had prayed for many times before..? That because I am so burned out with my monotonous office life, I always hoped for the long vacation to change that? Here I am now sitting in my home office trying to figure out how to spend my suddenly "too much" long vacation... hmmn..

Just like complaining when the summer heat makes you sweat and complaining when the very cold winter winds freeze your brains out.. It goes like:

"God it's so hot, I hope the winter season comes soon.."
"God it's so cold, I hope the summer season comes soon.."

Note: Let's not include the spring and the fall to make my blog more melodramatic.. hehehe ;)

Anyway, thanks so much we have such a cool God up there who always understand our grunts and complaints.. Now I am suddenly ashamed of myself.. I guess I'd better start my day right and enjoy my life as it is..

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Barbecue Party..

Our party really rocks! We had such a wonderful time in Donghu Park during our barbecue party last Monday. Every year, 2L3Bs used to host a party for our friends, love ones and extended families here in China. For many years now, we always cherish the fun and excitement we all experienced during those annual parties we had. And this year is kind of extra special for many reasons:

* We had an outdoor party and found it really more exciting and fun than the previous years. We used to celebrate it indoors such as in the hotel or in our home.. But this year, Donghu Park is the place to be.. It has a lot to offer like the amazing scenery's, amusement area, bar and the lake where you can have some fishing and barbecue party at any of their secluded spots.. This is the entrance to the Donghu Park..

* Our party this year coincides with the Chinese New Year.. Thank God, we had booked the venue a week before the actual party because Donghu Park was full of people frolicking around the park when we arrived.

* We had finally met one of our blogmates (dot&co). We're so happy to finally met Grande, Dot and their son Gabe. Such a beautiful family.. We really enjoyed their company. We hope to meet them again soon.. I was so thankful that I found Dot in the

* We also had our gift-giving as a way of thanking our friends for all the love and concern they had imparted to us..

Here are the rest of the photos. Some can be found in our friendster site at

See you again next year folks..! We love you all..

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