Saturday, January 17, 2009

for our friend deanna and shopping trip

There are many reasons why it is really a blessing for us to have been able to live and work here in China particularly here in Shenzhen. There are lots of topics to discuss and issues to note but it would take me forever to blog that.. Anyway, my intro for today is kind of uplifting our sweet home away from home because here in Shenzhen is where you can find lots of timeless things that my blog friend Deanna would gonna love to collect.

During one of my shopping trips, I had found a bird cage candle holders so I bought one for myself and one for our new-found-friend Deanna. I hope you would like this as a simple token of our friendship..

Aside from shopping trips to hundreds of interior design and thrift shops for home decors here in Shenzhen, we also used to go shopping in Hong Kong for buying clothes, toiletries, apparels and a lot, lot more.. I used to work and submit my sales report every Saturday in our Hong Kong Office.. So yesterday, myself and my daughter after my office hour, had a fun time exploring the New Town Plaza in Hong Kong where we shopped till we drop.. My company being owned by a Hong Kong Chinese descent do not give our bonus during the usual Christmas season, we receive our 13-month-pay during the Chinese New Year which falls on Jan 26,27,28 this year.. And yes, I got mine yesterday so my daughter really had a fantastic day buying gifts for ourselves, for our loveones and friends to be given away on our supposed chinese new year party on the 26th..

This is our Hong Kong Office Building.. I took the shot right after my office hour and meet my daughter so we can do our shopping in New Town Plaza, about 10 minutes drive..

My daughter on our way to the New Town Plaza..

This was taken inside the New Town Plaza, wherein a gigantic chinese lantern is on display to commemorate the Chinese New Year!!

Maybe the reason why they called it New Town Plaza is because it was basically located in an old Shatin Town and had just embraced the latest development.. I had the chance to shoot the photo of the brick houses near the highly-modern New Town Plaza where thousands of people shop.. You can see here the startling contrasts of the old and the new..

This is the way to the parking area of the New Town Plaza in Shatin..

This is the KCR station where the New Town Plaza is located.

We took our time to get our brunch here.. Gosh, we're so tired from walking and carrying shopping bags full of toiletries, clothes, apparels, chocolates and more..

Our brunch.. It's not that yummy though.. The shop offers japanese foods except that the taste are so much Chinese.. hays..

My daughter getting herself a hand cream in Marks and Spencer.. Marks and Spencer Hong Kong are offering 50-70% discount on some of their adorable items.. I bought one shirt there and it's really gorgeous.. I'll gonna wear it on our b-b-que party..We just love shopping there..

We ended our day resting in Ciao Bella Caffe where we had our mint-chololate and vanilla flavoured ice cream before heading back to China... We arrived home at 10 pm and very tired...


Deanna said...

you are such a dear to think of me. I waited until your post before I went to bed and you brought tears to my eyes. How do I thank you? Your sweet friendship means a lot to me. The birdhouse is just darling!

I really enjoyed the pictures you took of you and your daughter shopping. I can imagine you both had so much fun. Thank you for sharing so much about your life. It's always a pleasure to visit you.

With much affection,

Judith said...

My word what a busy day you and your daughter had!!!! and I love the photos that you have put on your site and especially the contrast of the old and the new. Well I hope you managed to get some rest today? Judith

Deanna said...

TAG YOU'RE IT! Come over to my blog for instructions....have fun!

Deanna :)

Bonnie said...

Hi Loida,

I am visiting your blog for the first time when I noticed you had become a follower on my blog. Thank you. I read your comments to Denna. She is a lovely lady isn't she?

My son and his wife and kids lived and worked in China a few years ago for about 14 months. My husband went to visit them and he loved China and Hong Kong. He talks about it all the time. I could not go because another one of our daughters needed me to be with her here in the US. I do not know how to spell the town they lived in but it is pronounced She On and is about an hour north of Hong Kong in mainland China.

My husband tells me I would love Hong Kong because I love to shop! It looks like he is right!

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