Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Holy Bible

I was on my way to my office this morning and a word suddenly comes out of my mind.. Maybe because I was saying my holy rosary that’s why the word “Bible” suddenly comes out.

To tell you the truth, our family is no longer that religious since we moved here in China. Although my husband and myself had actively served as a choir member for many years in our parish back home as well as my children who also served as one of the acolytes, we haven’t had the chance now to become a part of any religious organizations since 1994.

Anyway, I was just considering a thought that maybe the reason why the word “bible” popped out is because I really enjoy praying the holy rosary. Other than my wish to thank and praise our Mama Mary and our Lord by offering my daily prayers, I highly enjoy saying it maybe because I had been fortunate enough to have had read the holy bible during my younger years. I was lucky to became a recipient of a two-volume-cartoon-version of the holy bible when I was 10. In my belief, Holy Bible and the Holy Rosary co-exists because you have to re liven the story of the life Christ and Mama Mary in every mysteries when praying the holy rosary.

My late mother who was then a government employee for 38 years worked in a Psychological Service Department of the National Center For Mental Health in Mandaluyong, Metro Manila. She used to bring me to her office during my entire primary school summer vacations. My late mother’s office mates were mostly single then so I always end up playing with the oldies during their spare time and while they were at work, I had no options but play with my dolls or read my Bible.. Lucky there were no computers then so I only got the choice of changing the clothes and braiding the hair of my walking dolls or read..! I preferred mostly to read that was why at the end of the summer which starts from April and ends first week of June, I was able to read the complete two versions of the Bible comprising of the Old and New Testament..

Believe me, I was 10 and I terribly enjoyed reading the Holy Bible because it is in realistic cartoon form.. And you know what? As of today, every time I say my rosary, the same image of the life of Christ and Mama Mary as seen in my comic bible vividly comes back to me in each of every mystery.

When my children were younger, I bought them similar bible and I was kind of happy because they read enough of it, especially our daughter, to make them understand the life of Christ. Although I’m not that joyous, I don’t know if I have to blame it on the new technology where children has now a lot of options how to use their spare time or maybe because the children of today no longer brace their religions; my children however prays and never forget to thank their blessings.. And I’m thankful for that...

I just hope that baby boomers of today can find the way to buy their children the simplest bible version during their younger years and if possible in a realistic-cartoon form because I’m telling you, it works..

“We call a child’s mind “small” simply by habit; perhaps it is larger than ours is, for it can take in almost anything without effort” (-Christopher Morley, 1890-1957)


A Southern Rose said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog. I hope that we can become good blog friends. Thanks for saying that I seem like Deanna. That is such a sweet compliment. She is such a sweet lady. Come by anytime. You have such beautiful family.

Lee Laurie

Deanna said...

Loida, my first bible was an illustrated childrens Bible. I don't have it anymore but oh. I so remember the pictures. I think that is why Lee Laurie's beautiful story touched me so much. Just the thought that her sister had the book...that she remembered Lee Laurie reading it to her and her brother when they were small just touched me so deeply.

You know, I love to say my rosary and I'll be honest here, until recently, my husband and I had stopped going to church. Last year we decided that we were straying from our faith and we decided to join a church and renew our vows which we did this past July. What a difference it made. My husband had only read portions of the bible and so before our wedding, we read the entire bible. What an eye opener. We go back to it from time to time or read aloud while we are in bed. When we did start to read the bible, I bought my husband an illustrated childrens bible so that he could easily follow with what we were reading in the big bible. He loves that bible and I do too.

Deanna :)

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