Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Outdoor Wednesday

Consider this my past life.. I miss our home since we migrated here in Canada. This is what I usually do every time we visit our HOME SWEET HOME.. This outdoor photo shoot out was taken in our patio during one of my best moments with our dogs, Susie and Tsupapi..

The weather in Mississauga is generally cooler and it is such a a gift when the sun comes up and provides the Canadians with their much needed suntan.. not to us though but we surely enjoy the summer heat.. Our new life here offers us a brand new way to enjoy life as vibrant and colorful as my plants you can see in our terrace.

An outdoor shot of my daughter and hubby during our visit to a friend's house in Broomsgrove..

If you would like to join this meme, please visit this link and see other wonderful photo shoot outs from friends all over the world..


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