Monday, September 07, 2009

family in canada

photo of our family here in canada. we're getting bigger and happier..!

taken during our 3-day weekend get-away in sherkshore resort.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

biking around

i woke up quite late this morning. got nothing to do.. it's my day off so i decided to bike around bristol road and gone out to see the place. biking from bristol to its major intersection in hurontario gave me a break from it all.. such fun.. canada has offered us such clean and invigorating environment.

hubby has been transferred to a much better post, he's now gonna work from 7am to 3pm everyday which means there are more time seeing each other finally.. two sons shall work in their usual grave shifts and they're happy about it. they don't sleep at night though.

daughter is enrolled but we still has to wait for the principal's call to confirm her class schedule. she only has to take 4 subjects during the first semester and another four later before she graduate.

happy and relaxed.. nice, huh?

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