Saturday, July 07, 2012


Every month, these lovely ladies in the photos with me used to meet and alternately visiting each other's home.. Potluck most often or go out to places where we can enjoy food and drinks and just be happy together..

Power of Friendship never fail to ease the pressure and stress of the hard long week...  anticipating the next date with the lovely gals.. hope they have similar blogspot so we can share the fun in the cyber world too..  :)

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Coronation Park..

Weather today is soooo hot but this does not stop us from enjoying a picnic brunch with the family in Coronation Park... enjoyed the good food and card games while the kids and our dog Lancelot played in the park.

Unlike our life back home and our adopted home in China, relaxation  in Canada is so limited. Not so many places to go unlike in China wherein themed parks, bars and shopping malls are sprouting everywhere and never closes earlier than we hope especially during the holidays like this  :(

Saturday, June 30, 2012


keeping my fingers crossed..

Monday, June 25, 2012


BLUE BIRD, as interpreted by my my hubby.. enjoy..!

Please watch Bayani performing live in 
in famous Streetsville, Mississauga


so glad how i can easily overcome the depression i had yesterday. nothing can really beat the power of prayers...

Sunday, June 24, 2012


End of the most anticipated weekend.. that's why i don't like sundays..

i'm not in the mood to write anything right now.. worrying that if i'll continue, it would not be as enlightening as i want it to be. 

i'm stressed. partly with my work. not that i don't like it. the truth is i can consider myself lucky for finally finding my dream job. working in a global firm and having a challenging position really boost me yet stress always comes with it.. not complaining though. as i said, i love the challenge. 

and partly with my role as a mom. i kept asking myself if i'm a failure. i hope not. 

see, as i said, i don't want to write anything.. today is a black day for me. thank God i got this blog. talking cure is my stress reliever. and so here it goes.. :(

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

a request..

few days ago my husband asked me why i'm not blogging anymore..

"i'm always tired since we migrated here..." that was my answer. then he requested me if i can still try to continue to write at least once in a while.

maybe he misses my blogs and misses reading my thoughts.. he is a songwriter and a musical composer. maybe my blog gives him some inspiration...

husbands and wives talked mostly about things that's going on about everyday lives.. bills, budgeting, grocery list, future plans, meals for the day, car issues, work related events and mainly about our kids. and pillow talk in most nights when we still have the strength after the hard days work.. seldom now are those moments when we talked about our inner feelings, contemplations and some things we desire..

our minds nowadays were focused on how to keep up with life. but i guess he's right.. i should start blogging again..

blogging is not bragging. it's a talking cure for me. and readers are my analysts.. the ones who hear and digest whatever bothers me and whatever made me happy.

thanks hubby for bringing me back here..

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