Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I was actually not in the mood for anything yesterday. Although I had accomplished vast amount of my workloads during the first half of the day, i became sleepy when the second half starts.. so what i did was logged on to my blog spot, post a bit of my thoughts then checked the feedjit live to see if there's something from the shenzhen blogter's list that could interest and wake me up..

It took several number of hits from the supposed shenzhen feedjit live blosgters list when i encountered the SandBox posted by blogusvox. I thought all bloggers from shenzhen lists were really from our area but i realized i was reading from someone who is in Saudi Arabia.. I took my time to read this one because of the caricature he embedded in his post 'Buhay Buhangin'.. It fascinates me because it is very true, noting that we used to be in that kind of situation more often than we anticipated..

Since his post has roused me from slumber, i decided to jot him a line.. he responded back and you know what? i'm glad i did.. I suddenly found the substance i needed to start my day right..(o 'yung 'humility' wag lilimutin, huh?) hehehe...

See you again blogusvox..

Another blogs that keeps my day brighter are those from Deanna and Judith..

Have a great day everyone..!

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad in my small way I inspired somebody to do what they like. Nakakataba ng puso! But it would have been nice if you put a link (joke lang). : )

Keep on blogging "kabayan".

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