Wednesday, January 21, 2009

a thank you note and a poem

May I offer this THANK YOU note to the two lovely women..

Deanna and Judith, your comments really means a lot to me and my family and may we send you this little flower of thanks and a poem to express how your friendship means to us..

A Friend Like You
by Merlyn Sprankling

A friend like you is hard to come by,
you’re so dear as you’re always there for me to say hi!
I thank you, as you made your full heart open,
and I pray that our friendship never be broken.
Two cords, they say, are better than one
you and I, and me and you, and it is done!


Judith said...

Thank you for the poem that is indeed very inspiring. We may not know each other in person but friendships grow in so many different ways and the medium of the internet is one of them.

God bless you my friend and thank you.


Deanna said...

You are so very kind to offer those sweet words. It has been a pleasure getting to know you and I only hope that we will continue getting to know each other even better as the months go by. You have such a beautiful family and I do love to looking at all of your pictures.

Thank you for your friendship Loida. It is a pleasure for me to come and visit your blog.

Deanna :)

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