Thursday, July 30, 2009

no good news yet..

we're still in the process of negotiating. i'm not sure how much longer would it take, and if i would end up happy or sad.. :(

this offer and counter-offer we had made to own that house is maddening. this is all new to us.. we built our first home on a cash basis and the process of owning a home here in canada really scares us. we're so naive, we don't even know the jargons they used prior to negotiating with the real estate agent and the terms they used in getting a mortgage; not to mention our minimal comprehension on how it would work on our favor. funny, huh?

our agent who's supposedly protecting our interest is of course on the side of the seller because that's where he is getting his commission. thanks to the good people who are backing us up, they gave us the reason why we're sticking to the price they advised us to offer.

And here's the news: my real estate agent came to my place of work three times yesterday and twice today. He even called my hubby for a meeting tomorrow. I guess this is an indication that the seller is relenting...

Counter Offer

We just made a counter-offer at 9:30 pm tonight.

I hope tommorow's news would not break my heart..

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Keeping Our Fingers Crossed

It's my day off today. Hubby and myself had gone out for house hunting trip. this has been going on for about a month now and today seemed to be a lucky day. i guess the house in 400 Mississauga Valley Blvd is the best house for us..

It's a Condo Townhouse located in the Heart Of Mississauga, very well maintained with access to garage & fully fenced yard. Close to our daughter's school, shopping, library, community centre, parks & major highway access. Walking distance to Cooksville Go Station, Public Transit and very near my place of work.

We just confirmed our offer two hours ago... few hours from now we would know exactly if 2L3B's would finally find its HOME SWEET HOME here in Canada..

Monday, July 27, 2009

12:35 am

... and I'm still here wide awake.. just got back from work but still kind of restless. i am not that tired anyway so i decided to visit this highly neglected site and tried to figure out what to write.

i'd been missing my friends here. how i wish i could write more often as before.. hmmmn..

after the transition, we might say that our life here in canada is more solid. china could be considered as a nice place to be but we can never consider it as our final destination. although we highly miss and love china, that place cannot offer the comfort and security we are having right now.

tommorow would be our 3rd full month since our arrival here. during those almost 90 days of staying here, we can safely presume that we really made a wise decision to migrate. Thanks God we made it..

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