Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Women in their 40s tend to suffer from hormonal imbalances in various degrees. I had suffered from it since middle of October last year and so I was advised by our dearest Ate Vernie, one of the well-known OB Gyne back home, to take Primolut N since December. Bleeding is anticipated after 10 days of medication.

What we had not anticipated is the time when it would occur. To our dismay, I had mine exactly on the New Years eve so the entire 2L3Bs and our extended families here spent our 1st day of 2009 in Shenzhen Hospital. Although I had suffered from excruciating pain, I still feel highly blessed because I was finally cured and most importantly, I had felt all the love and concern of those around me. After receiving a clean bill of health from my Chinese OB Gyne, I am finally home now and recuperating.

I am supposed to jot down how we had celebrated our new year before the bleeding but I guess I gotta do that later. May I in this instance thank all the people that had extended their love and concern during my ailments. My dearest loving husband who never left my side, my dearest children, our kind-hearted Ate Vernie (MD), Dr. Sau Hau Tau, Dr. Anita Sun (my OB Gyne in Hong Kong), Amy, Jerah, Laila, Susan R, Leah, T2 Tiny, T2 Elvis, Grace, Cristy, Roger, Jerome, Susan C and our pangyaw. And above all, may this be the time for me and my family to ceaselessly thank MAMA MARY and our LORD. Words ain't enough to express how our hearts were deeply touched by YOUR mercy..

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Deanna said...

Loida, I'm so happy to hear that you are feeling better. My prayers are with you always.

Today is my day off from work and my husband and I just finished our late lunch and are sitting in our living room watching a movie. It's such a beautiful warm and sunny day today and we have the patio door blinds open and we can see seven cardinals feeding from our bird feeders outside. Such a lovely sight.

Hope your days get better.

Deanna :)

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