Friday, February 27, 2009

Looking At The Sky On Friday

Initialized by Marytheteach, please see the SHENZHEN SKY in the morning and beyond.

A promising MORNING SKY as backdrop to my budding grape vines taken from my pocket garden at my Home Away From Home.. This also signifies the coming of spring and the start of the new beginning.

Shenzhen's gloomy AFTERNOON SKY taken in another angle on the very same day.. Sometimes things don't end up as we hope to be.. Don't you agree..?

Please see or, if you wanna join...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


maybe you'll see more photos without labels, words or anything from time to time. I just want to let the world see what beauty we'll gonna leave behind.

have we gone crazy?

all the things that we dreamed of are here.., even the positions we'd been longing to have, the lifestyle, the friendship we had established over the years, the incomparable income we're getting noting that the cost of living here is much, much lower than anywhere in the world...

no i'm not insane, nor a photographer.. i just suddenly felt like clicking my camera to see and realize if migrating to another world is worth or not. to compare our beautiful life here and there when time comes up.

here i am again, the same topic about "questions". But really, musings like this is inevitable especially when you're in a situation wherein you only got eight weeks max to figure out how to freight all those stuffs we accumulated over a decade of living in shenzhen. and how to cope up living in another place; dealing with yet another culture and such..

shenzhen in bloom

chanping gig

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Haven't you noticed, I used words that RHYMES most of the time..?

MAYBE there's a chance that I will be a "POET" afterlife..?

OR simply "CORNY" oftentimes..?

Pick your choice...

Funny me,

Thursday, February 19, 2009


There are so many surprises in blogsworld.. Most of it are fun and exciting... One of those are meeting new friends that initiates exciting games such as tagging... As per request, I was tagged by Betsy of My Five Men, to name 10 things that I love that starts with the letter "T". I'm kind of excited because Letter Game Tagging is new to me. they are!

What better way to represent the letter "T" than this beautiful cross.. This not only reminds me of the letter "T" but reminding me of the faith that will always linger in our hearts..

1.) "T" stands for the number "THREE": If you consider number 3 as a thing that I love, then you bet 'coz it represents the number of children I gave birth, nurture, pampered and love..

2.) "T" for "TERRACE" in our Home Sweet Home.. I terribly love and miss this place.. This is where we used to spend our quality time together with my husband and children savouring the fruits of our labor..

3.) "T" stands for "TEDDY BEAR": Myself and the whole family love this Teddy Bear that we have to carry it everywhere we go...

4.) "T" for "TRINKETS" and Jewelries which my daughter and I love to collect, cherish and adore..

5.) "T" for "TELEPHONES" that I cannot live without... to hear the voice of all the people I love.

6.) "T" for "TEA SETS" that I love to look at.. I got various Tea Set collections in our home and each has a special meaning to me...

7.) "T" stands for "TEXTILES", with its beautiful, rich and colorful textures that is so pretty when trasformed into beautiful dresses, curtains and etsy that my daughter and myself are into lately..

8.)"T" means "TREES"... I begun to love trees when I was six. I used to sit on a large branch of my favourite big guava tree in our farm and there I daydreamed of what I wanna be.. Oftentimes even now whenever I feel blue, I just look out on the trees and melancholy used to turn back out of me..

9.) "T" for "T-SHIRTS" that I used to collect whenever I travel. I have collections of T-shirts from all the countries I had visited..

and finally number...10!

10.) "T" signifies "TRAVEL" which my husband and myself love to take together, not only to various exotic places; travel for us also means journey to the life that we lead hand in hand..

Thanks Betsy of My Five Men.. I really enjoyed doing this. Despite of the hectic work load, I had tried to find time thinking of things to blog about that starts with the letter "T". I hope that you enjoyed my Letter Game too.

If you want to continue this Letter Game, please give me a comment and I'll pass it on to you..

Thanks for taking time visiting us here.. See you soon..

Sunday, February 15, 2009


We had a lovely day celebrating the hearts day. Pa gave me 12 red velvety roses and a lily plus brought me to a romantic early dinner at the Bistro Palace; gone to LA Bar for a nightcap before checking-in a hotel because we are in Chanping and to go home back to our kids would be a little too late.. Hmmnnn, are we justifying something here..? You bet, we need to be alone... it's Valentines, right?

Well, the highlights of this up-date is not about us, but about the Filipino Designers we saw during our nightcap in LA Bar.. We overheard the laughing from the bunch of guys quite near our table. They are so loud that you can hear their jokes and also some hints of where they are working. They are all Filipino Designers imported from the Philippines to work with various industries such as Furniture, Shoes and IT Manufacturing Firms here in China. We're not nosy except that you can't miss what they were talking about, mostly about boy's stuff. And with that you can definitely consider them as straight guys.. Not Gays..

But where can you find an ALL-MEN dancing on Valentines?

Fun, but isn't it weird..?

Love from,

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Nobody knows we were married.... I was then a 3rd year Psychology major university student while my husband was a coed in an electrical engineering field and a budding musician when we tied the knots and swear to love one another till death do us part..

Except that we don’t have a knot to tie us nor rings to bind our love. Actually we were both wearing Hanes t-shirt and jeans when the marriage rites were pronounced by Rev. Aquilino Navarro of the Manila City Hall in Taft Avenue Manila in March 21, 1985... As I told you, we were college students then when my boyfriend asked me to marry him; no fuss, no buzz... Actually it was a surprise, he picked me up in my college dormitory for a date then he brought me there and that was it.. And nobody knows..

For one reason, he married me because he loves me and we deeply love each other.. On the other hand it occurred to me that maybe he thought that the best remedy to a jealous girlfriend is to marry her to shut her up.. Hahaha..

You can’t blame me why I was a jealous girlfriend.. in a very small town such as ours, you are lucky to find a cute guy as handsome, talented and good-hearted as he is.. When I first met him, opps correction, actually when he first met me, he told me that I was running to meet up with my classmates. He said I was wearing my high school fatigue uniform in time for our COCC training.. I never saw him but he saw me.. He said that the first time he laid eyes on me, he felt curious as to who I am.. He said it was kind of 'love at first sight..'

We actually came from the same hometown called Baras, Rizal with a population of not over 24,000 in 1981. Such a small town so everybody almost knows everyone except the two of us.. I was a kind of ‘Home-School-Church’ kind of girl during that time and I only knew those around my circle. While him is one among the famous guys, playing music with his childhood buddies and doing what the 'trying-to-be-bad-boys' does.

Anyway, he found out that I was a choir member in our church and so he became a member too to get to know me. He approached me through his friends and we became acquainted and gradually became friends. He introduced me to his world and I actually became part of his buddies. They had a band called Orchids and d' Rose. They always picked me up during their practice and during those times, he found the courage to court me..(He doesn't know I already had huge crush on him..) He's such a rascal to others but a shy guy when in front of me.. Hehehe, I guess this cute guy really is in love, eh?

Well, that's how our love story goes..

It took a year before our parents realized that we were already married. It was by mere accident when my big brother found our marriage contract beneath my Psychological Testing (4th Edition) textbook by Anne Anastasi.. It was kind of dumb for me to use our secret marriage license as a book marker, but there it goes, the secret revealed.. The worst was, we never faced their wrath but then they decided to arrange a formal wedding in the church instead but we declined..

The confidence of youth.. we thought that we can take care of ourselves.. A trying-hard independent couple wanting to show the world that we can rule out and we can make it… And yes we're right, we did..

The wedding photo below was actually taken to commemorate our 21st wedding anniversary. We haven't had a formal wedding yet up to this date.. But here we are, still very much in love with each other as the times goes by..

We’ll soon be having our grand wedding of our 25th anniversary.. All of you are invited..

May the love flows on Valentines Day.. Happy hearts day everyone..!

This is us, today..

with love,

and BAYANI of caviaoskie (

Friday, February 06, 2009


2L3B’s are currently facing a major dilemma but despite of the current situation, here we are, still wacky as ever… That’s how we handle our life as a family.. We tend to smile in every afflictions, laugh at any defeat and strive harder together in order to overcome whatever failures or trials we faced. And yes, we always work hard to find the solution… hand in hand condoning every trials given to us..

Anyway, I am mighty glad because each of us is gifted with enough humor and tolerance. With this gift, you can best describe us as a ‘happy bunch’. We do not let any extraneous variables ruin us.

2L3B's is just a simple ordinary family facing common problems; sharing various degrees of ineptness, shortcomings and differences, yet we always stays together in facing life as it is.. Every end of the day, we tend to understand and tried to end up embracing each others’ faults and mistakes.. Nobody’s perfect and we specifically relate that to each one of us..

Sibling rivalry has been one of the causes of friction especially for children with similar gender born one after the other. Our first born son who’s just a year ahead his younger brother both had experienced this kind of rivalry. To overcome, we used to buy them similar outfits, similar toys when they were small; send them to similar schools and colleges and we provide them with the same degree of love, care and affection. It works.. And when our youngest daughter came four years after, we tried harder not to make the little boys felt neglected.

But as you can see, there will always some friction among siblings even if you tried hard enough.. It is not unusual for siblings to have this so-called personality differences which is familiar even between husband and wife, or between friends... Anyway, because of unconditional love, humor, tolerance and believing in God above, no amount of upheavals can let us down.

And yes, despite of all the uncertainty we are facing right now, we still have enough fun and laughter to last our lifetime...

That is pa's photo above, taken last Monday during our leisure stroll in Dongmen Beilu.. He's highly talented; an instrumentalist, businessman, musical composer, performing artist and the best husband and father in the world but look at that! gee, he’s weird..

That's our eldest, consider him as our technician and handyman.. He is a graduate of Hotel and Restaurant Management yet he excels better with computers and similar stuff. Believe it or not, he dismantled his PSP to tiny bits and pieces while we were in Pizza Hut… and few minutes later, he re-assembled the poor thing and viola..! The PSP works better than before.. I just can’t imagine how he did that and why..?

There's our second son who is a Business Management graduate yet decided to become a performing artist instead rather than work in the hotel that's hiring him.. Now he’s into photography as a hobby and look who’s his chosen subject… no other than… “ME”

And below is our little girl, (but don’t call her that or she’ll not talk to you again..) She feels she’s already an adult.. but look, this photo was taken right after her tantrums before our meal. Does adult cried over pizza..?? hehehe

Do you believe me now..? Tell me, who’s wackier than the "wackiest bunch”..?

hugs from wacky mom and wife,

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