Friday, January 30, 2009

night out

Since we haven't been out for 3 straight days, we decided to take a night out. Pa has to work as well as our second son; so only myself, first son and our daughter who are both on vacation from work and school, gone out to have our dinner in Royalty Hotel to pass the time. Royalty Hotel has one of the cosiest western restaurant outlets in Shenzhen. You can hang around and enjoy their food, drinks, live band or just sit and relax while exploring the net with their free wireless internet access.

The live band by the way in Royalty Hotel is one of pa's bands. He has been supplying bands and providing entertainment services to various hotels, bars and restaurants in many parts of china. In case you need one, please give us a call..

After our meal, we decided to bar hop in Calio Bar. Pa also has a band there so we can always avail the 20% discount on all foods and drinks. I love Calio for its finger foods and cocktails and of course watching the live band because they are so good and yes, because my son is also moonlighting there. See the photo below..


Anonymous said...

Nice to know you finally solved your blog widget problems. : )

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

Hahaha, thanks so much my dear Blogusvox.. You're an angel.. Our site now has a life..

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