Sunday, December 07, 2008


lucky are those who are experiencing a 'bad hair day' today because tommorow will always be another day..

sad for me, i gotta suffer from a 'bad hair day' probably a month or two... huhuhu..

since 2L3Bs has moved here in dongle garden, only one hairdresser can touch and take care of my hair.. he has his hair salon few block away from us.. and for over 8 years now i believed that only him can give me the best treatment and best service ever.

to my dismay, this very same guy may have used different chemicals to supposedly treat my hair so viola! my hair now became brittle as a straw...

if I am skinny like i used to be when i was single, you can compare me to a "scarecrow", with a hair like this, dying and strawlike.. :(
lucky i became fat and furious!

but you know what? because 2L3Bs always stays together, i had my hair a little loving touch.. last night papa has the patience to soak each strand of my hair to a cup of vinegar.. yes, you heard me, he used vinegar to resuscitate my dying hair..!

we let it soaked for an hour then i had it shampooed, towel dried then our kindhearted baby girl hot oil my yucky hair till each strands were properly coated for 3 hours.. the mildly hot olive oil really soothes my scalp and i guess it effectively 'awoken my hair from the dead' because when i woke up this morning, i can feel in my bones that my hair still has the chance to survive after all..

that's the beauty of having a close-knit, loving family.. everything can be taken care off, big or small..

i may no longer have to cover my hair with cap anymore.. :)

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