Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bad Day..

why everybody seems like having a bad day today..?

i for one is in terrible shape this morning.. i was a bit late from work and not in the mood for anything, i don't feel right even now..

our eldest son is having a tiff with his gf so basically, he's in a foul mood.. he wants me to contact his gf and try to mend things up.. OMG, with this mood i got, i bet i can do more harm than good.. better try to sort things out tommorow.

i called up my daughter at 10am and to my dismay, she was still in bed..! i can't blame her though, she just got back from school and i guess she's just trying to recover. she was pissed off when i called her. what made me mad was that she promised to get up early and take care of the telephone bills.. our landline is not auto debited from our account so we gotta get to the china telecom in person once a month.. **sigh**

the second born was supposed to help out but i understand he is kind of groggy from lack of sleep. he's also in a foul mood after his boss unreasonably blame him for his co-member's tardiness.. i don't know what time he arrived last night. i guess it was late as usual.

pa is the only one who is in great shape among the 2L3Bs.. Well, he really deserves that.. He'll be celebrating his 45th birthday tommorow..

hmmnn i guess this bad day turned out to be a blessing anyway.. it's good to suffer today than tommorow. i hope to give pa a celebration he will never forget... less all the negativities we are experiencing right now..

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