Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Random Thoughts

I'm here in my office and just received 2 confirmed Purchase Orders (P.O.'s) from my customers in Switzerland.

The weather here in Shenzhen is 14 C, with a relative humidity of 10-40%. I feel cold.. and bored. Everytime boredom seeps in, I always think of better ways to lighten up..

Where to? Up to now, the 2L3Bs are still undecided where to spend our Christmas together. Pa in Baoan, Ma in HoAu, Kuya 1 in Donglu, Kuya 2 in Futian, our Baby in HK. Not a good scenario.. But hey, 2L3Bs are inseparable bunch. I'm sure we can work things out soon...

What's new..? I'd been trying to decipher: Status: an error occurred with the data in your request.There has been an error in processing your inquiry.Please check to make sure: You have correctly entered the "FN" and "PA's Date of Birth". Your "FN" has 10 characters (1 letter and 9 numbers). Your case was finalised less than two months (8 weeks) ago. After this period of time the information is no longer available online. Frequent Errors: "Date of application" was used instead of the "P A's Date of Birth". The "FN" does not have 1 alphabetic character and 9 numbers, as it should.. Hmmnnn.. Let us see and keep that fingers crossed....

I miss Wawa. This is one of the best places on earth.. Some might disagree but who cares? Our home sweet home sits there and that's where me and pa hopes to grow old.. I terribly miss our home, my plants, our dogs, and the place as it is..

I always dream of myself reading my favorite paperbacks in this area of our home in Baras. We seldom found ourselves alone whenever we go home for a vacation and we really hope to have the chance to enjoy this special place we designed for such occassion.

While papa enjoys his music... He used to play his favourite tune using our baby girl's upright piano. It was a gift we gave her 7 years ago. She can play too..

Know what? After few minutes of jotting down some of my random thoughts, I begun to relax... I'm no longer bored. What a day.. Now I'm ready for some action...

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Deanna said...

Hi there! Thank you for visiting me in Texas...well not really but you get what I mean :)

I will definately read your blog from start to current so I can know you a bit better. I just love all of your pictures.

Thanks for stopping by!


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