Tuesday, December 02, 2008


this trip is turning to be the best business trip ever.. as part of my job description, my company used to send me to different locations and various countries whenever necessary, e.g. this travel to vietnam.

although we are still in the process of finding the best location for our new planned electroplating factory, our stay here is getting more interesting. For many reasons, yesterday we had met the government official from the Vietnam Trade and Industry and although the location he is offering does not allow hazardous production facilities like our supposed industry, he was able to introduce us to another official who can directly bring us to the location that can accomodate our plan. So today at 2pm, we're going to meet him and this would mean long distance travel again..

That made this trip interesting for first-timer like me. I'd been able to see the beauty of Ho Chi Mihn, formerly Saigon. And to top it all, this supposed 'business trip' could better be called 'food trip'.. Gosh, we used to have two breakfasts, 2 lunches, in between snacks, 1 dinner, 1 supper and midnight brunch.. How's that for a trip? hehehe...

plus the interesting side trips like visiting historical places and of course, visiting 'day and night market' where vietnam is famous for..

on the home front, the text message from pa put me at ease.. the 2L3Bs are fine as much as I would like. our daughter finally decided to come home after our pa got her school record and certificate. my daughter had finally fulfilled one of her international language courses.. another course to fulfill is her degree in Hospitality Industry. I hope she can get her diploma soon so she can take the Fashion Design course she would really like to take.

I also got a text messgae from our second-born and he misses me same as his brother.. I miss the 2L3bs.. one more day and i'll be off to see them..

and thanks God for all the blessings.....

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