Sunday, December 21, 2008

keep fit

when i woke up this morning, my back is a bit in pain. this often happens whenever i miss my exercise. it's been many months now since i stopped. our home here in china has enough exercise equipment to open up a small gym. the 2L3Bs used to buy those equipment we saw on TV, use it until it's new then let it rot in our terrace after few days of being active body builders. you can call us 'the seasonal health buff family' :)

and so this morning, i decided to stick to my former health regimen. instead of requesting our housemaid to buy our Sunday meal, I decided to brisk walk on my way to the supermarket and do my much-needed exercise. The supermarket is just few blocks away from us but it really helps me shed some calories. know why? i forgot to buy some ingredients for the crab i was planning to cook so i gotta hurry back to the supermarket. no longer in an enjoyable brisk walking phase but i gotta jog this time because i left the crabs simmering in the pot. i apparently got back in time and so we got a lovely crab sinigang and chicken adobo for lunch..

after lunch however, i received a mail postal slip stating an immediate claim instructions so i have to go and claim the mail from our nearby post office. i decided not to take a ride, so i jog again and this time i am happy as can be... few of my calories had been shed by just walking to and fro.

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