Thursday, December 04, 2008


i was highly touched by my officemates' gleeful reaction when they received my gift to them from vietnam. we used to give each other trinkets and souvenirs whenever we travel abroad.

touched? or am i just being emotional because of the primolut N i am taking now.. i'm on medication and i guess this is the major cause of emotional eruptions i'd been having since i started taking it.

yesterday after i landed i was so angry with my children for arriving so late in our pick up place.. i was sorry because i poured out my wrath to our daughter for showing such selfish attitude. i just tried to compose myself later after i had read the message she had wrote. i kissed and made up with her and thank her for the votive candle she had given me as a birthday present. she's so thoughful.. and that's how 2L3Bs are, we always kiss and make up easily for any hurtful things we'd done..

and maybe because of this primolut N that's why i cannot find any reason why i have to forgive pa for his insensitivity.

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