Wednesday, December 03, 2008

5:13 am

it's exactly 5:15 am here in ho chi mihn. my flight back to hong kong would be at 10:05 am local time.. got enough time to kill before take off.

we had finally found the right land after series of follow ups and location visits. i guess the industrial zone managed by the korean is more susceptible, noting that they can accommodate our electroplating plant extension project despite of its hazardous input to the environment if not properly taken care off. the thing is, korean exactly has the means to assist us better than the rest. but we're still tyring to find some loopholes that might incur before finalizing any decision. the issue mostly is prior to the hazardous chemical handling, lease agreement, building construction and payment terms.

i don't feel much better now.. i miss 2L3Bs i wanna go home..

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