Thursday, December 11, 2008

Happy 45th Birthday Pa..!

Hey, wake up everyone! it's our pa's 45th birthday today..

I woke up at 5:30 am this morning, earlier than usual to make sure the feast will turn out right.. Myself and my daughter had bought all the necessary ingredients last night in Jusco after I arrived from work. We had prepared everything so all are ready for cooking this morning. Just a simple family meal...

The feast includes stir-fry prawn with vegetable and rice noodle, macaroni with seasonal veggies in chicken broth, fried chicken marinated in herbs, pita bread to go with the braised pork i'll cook when i get back from work this afternoon. The hors d'oeuvres shall be prepared by our daughter later today. Not so yummy because I'm not a good cook and so does our daughter... The thing is, all the foods we prepared and shall be preparing has all the right amount of love, care and dash of thoughtfulness to spice it up..

The special mini cake we had ordered shall arrive at 12 noon, and the freshly-made fita bread shall be delivered too. I'll drop by at Jusco at 2pm to get a liter of Jack Daniels papa love and a bottle of red.

The Birthday Boy shall arrive at noon from work so things will be ready including our gifts. I bought him a 'Kurta'(native shirt made from handwoven materials famous in Vietnam, which i bought from my recent travel), a Breil Watch, yellow scarf and a pack of sweet dried kiwi he really love. While my daughter who knows all our favourite things, bought her pa a box of chocolate.. Hehehe, she knows how much pa loves chocolates..

The two boys are still asleep when I walk out of our home to get here in my office. I wonder if they already has some gifts prepared.. I wish I could just stay there and be with them when pa arrives..

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Deanna said...

What a thoughtful day you prepared for Pa. I'll bet your dinner was delicious!

Deanna :)

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