Wednesday, December 10, 2008

strike back..!

Not so long ago, China was devastated by the melamine contaminated milk and related food products.. As a result, products made in China were highly scrutinized and were banned all over the world..

Today, Shenzhen Daily has reported that safety alert was raised all over China over some imported EUROPEAN FOODS... Foods with safety problems including Belgian Chocolates, Italian Brandy, British Sauce, Eggs from the Netherland and Spanish Milk products.. Such foods were found to contain chemical ingredients that exceeded the national levels.. The report failed to mention what chemicals were found..

China is even banning the import of pork from Ireland after the meat has found contaminated with high level of DIOXINS.. According to SD, dioxins are naturally occuring and can enter the animals system through its food intake or through the environment; accumulated in pig's fat, and if ingested by humas in sufficient volume, might have been linked to an increased risk of cancer.

I hope some country will learn to analyze their actions first before making an input on China's products and capabilities... When there was this bomb threat that loomed China during the 2008 Olympics, the government had acted upon it. And yes, up to now almost all nationalities who are directly or indirectly dealing with the mainland are suffering... All types of China visas are no longer that easy to get... China is a sleeping giant so please don't try to touch it or it will strike back!

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