Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Vacation

We're back from our emotionally-filled yet joyful Christmas vacation.. We had spent wonderful time exploring the sights and sounds of Chanping; found ourselves somehow; enjoyed the company of friends and relaxed to our hearts content during our 5 days of fun.. Such a meaningful way to spend Christmas with the family.

We arrived in Chanping near midnight so we decided to go directly to the LA Bar to cheer the birth of Christ with friends at 12. Then gone to book ourselves to a local hotel later where I became too emotionally struck. After awhile, we refreshed ourselves then headed straight to the party for Kris Kringle. The exchange gift was really fun. Since 2L3Bs plan to minimize accumulating bulky stuff this year, we prepared our suitable gifts for each other and this time everyone received signature perfumes.

The most exciting part is trying out some of the gourmet and local foods around.We had our Christmas dinner at the Gordon King Steak and Grill, Christmas Lunch at the Bistro Palace, various food outlets during lunch and had a wonderful time in LA Bar every night. Yes, we don't find the time to eat our breakfasts during our entire stay because we always end up sleeping at 4am and usually start our day at 3pm..

Other than food trips, we also enjoyed the party and received some gifts plus some time spent at the game slots in the LA bar... We also had the chance to roam around in computer shops, starbucks and various malls where we enjoyed our shopping spree.

The vacation too became an eye opener to us as couple and parents to our children. Pa and myself had the chance to touch the very core of how much we felt for each other including the fundamental issues about our lives. Such a surge of emotions.. I guess we really deserved this out of town trips once in a while..

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