Sunday, December 14, 2008

Crazy Sunday

Myself and my daughter after having a delightful bonding time last Saturday until 4 am in the morning decided that we will gonna sleep to our hearts content the next day.. it would be Sunday anyway and it's my day off..

But such a crazy Sunday, we found ourselves in the peak of the Wutong Mountain at exactly 10 am in the morning instead!

During many years of our stay here in China, we were able to meet and accumulate good friends such as Officer Wu, the kind Police Officer in our District and his fellow officer, Janet. Wu is our family friend for years now and became responsible why myself and my daughter sweat our hearts out that day climbing the famous Wutong Mountain overlooking Hong Kong, Dapeng Bay, Yantian Port and Shatoujiao.

Jeez, it's 944 meters above the sea level..!

It's not that we don't like hiking in such a beautiful landscape surrounded with the unrestrained and far-ranging seas; it's just that we're kind of dizzy from lack of sleep and Wu failed to inform us earlier about his plan..

In the end, my daughter and myself had realized that we are enjoying the trail with the company of Wu and his fellow officer, Officer Janet of the Shenzhen Public Security Bureau Immigration Section. After over 4-hour trail, we had gone to Janet's home for some tea.. We love how she prepared her tea and how it soothes our aching limbs from that fateful climb..

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Deanna said...

I love this post of your outing with your daughter. What a wonderful way to spend the day.

Deanna :)

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