Thursday, December 18, 2008


I will use a ‘first-person-singular-mode’for awhile. To be honest, this is our family site but I’m the one who is in-charge. My family however provides some suggestions prior to the up-dating, designing and embedding of some attachments..

Other than the occasional blog updates in our Friendster site (, this actually became our official blogspot since November 2008. As a first time blogger, it really amazes me to find such a user-friendly site like this one. The FS Blog is kind of complicated and you gotta open the whole site first before you can jot down your thoughts. It is annoying because FS most often faced technical problems especially now that its members seems to exceed its limit. I’m glad we finally got this from

Yes, it also amazes me to find thousands of bloggers from all over the world. Almost all are friendly and accommodating. My favourites are those blogs about families and how they live their lives. Many sites also provides some useful tips almost about anything; like gardening, pets, beauty tips, household essentials, fashion and interior designing, cure for this and that and many more... And about politics too, but I don't dwell on that because it is often depressing. I highly admire those sites that really gives us a lot of positive insights.

We used to spend most of our time reading blogs from all over especially myself during my office breaks. And because I am new at this, it really warms my heart whenever we receive a reply or comments from bloggers like us. Today I received a friendly comment from a sweet lady from Texas. Deann is such as warm-hearted blogger based on her daily blogs and we consider her now among our list of friends.

Have a nice day everyone.. Thanks for visiting…


Deanna said...

Hi Loida! Well that was very sweet of you to say that. I appreciate that. I admire the pictures you have on your blog. You have such a lovely family. I'm very honored to have you enjoying my blog. It's something fun and I enjoy passing the time looking for my flea market finds although I haven't been to a flea market or a thrift shop in months!

Well, I'd better be running along. My nephew is having a Christmas play at his school tonight and it's really foggy and rainy today so we need to get an early start and pick up some dinner before we head over to the school.

A hug from Texas,(we Texans always hug people...:)

Blogger said...

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