Friday, March 06, 2009


Are you wearing a wrist watch right now..?

Do you know that before it reach your wrist, watches and its components usually travels from far away land before it became an end-product..?

Try to look closely at its parts such as the crown, dial, bracelet, the clasp, straps, watch case, watch backs, etc. Has it been plated with gold, palladium, platinum or just a flash? Was it coated with Swiss Standard color such as 1N, 2N, 3N, or two-tone color being famous nowadays in 23, 18 and 16 karats gold? Or the modern coating such as the gun color, black, blue, white, gray, tobacco gold, antique bronze, pink gold and lot, lot more?

If it does then there might be a chance that we'd been a part of the process before it became a complete accessory now exquisitely strapped on your wrist.

Our company provides electro and ion plating services to number of famous watch manufacturers all over the world. We are the direct and in some instance indirect supplier to well-known and currently benchmarking watch brands and manufacturers all over Asia, Europe and America. If not plating services, at least the plating machinery, electroplating equipment and plating racks we supplied especially to European countries highly known for high-end watches.

(I'm with the European Component and Complete Watch Manufacturer)

(I'm with the Asian Famous Brand Watch Components Manufacturers)

We are servicing Rolex, Omega, Rado, Timex, Guess and some of the high-end brands. Some parts were mostly plated here in China before it arrives in Switzerland, America, and other parts of the world for the whole mechanical assembly process. The aesthetic parts of the watch were mostly done here to minimize the labor cost.

Believe it or not, but its true..


Veronica said...

Hello Loida, Thank you for visiting my blog - I've just been reading yours - it's great and I have enjoyed it so much! Looking forward to reading more posts from you. With warm wishes to you, Veronica xx

The Pink Birdhouse said...

Loida, I have been wondering how you are, glad to see you are doing good. I very much enjoyed this post, how fascinating to read that one finished product can have its parts made in so many countries. And I LOVED seeing the pictures of you!! You mentioned in comment to me that you have many burdens of your own right now. I hope all is well, and that life is not treating you too badly. I wish you well my friend, take care, Debby

Heart of Rachel said...

Thanks for sharing this interesting post. It's amazing how something small needs so many components from different parts of the world.

Anonymous said...

I love watches too. I like to collect them but I don't have the means right now. I've got a swatch "iron" chronograph for my daily use and a "thin" analog self-winding Longines for special occasion.

Siguro may "special discount" ka pag ikaw nag bumili ano. : )


Loida of the 2L3B's said...

I love meeting new friends and learn from them. Your blog spot is such interesting and thanks for sharing.. Hope to see you again soon.


Dearest DEBBY,
Yes, I was really awed at how wrist watches were made. From very small components to a high-end product.

Thanks my friend for your kind concern, it's just a minor setbacks but nothing to worry about now. We're just concerned about how to deal with our freight once we move. You're such a sweet friend Debby. I'm really touched..


Watch making is really interesting.. thanks that you appreciate my post..


Longines is one of the high-end and most sought-after by the well-bred. Nice choice of watch. Yeah, I could give you a discount too. Do you want one? We have access to various branded wrist watches and we can avail generous discounts. Please e-mail me so I can show you the available models right now as well as your postal address for the delivery.
How come you became anonymous?

Leslie said...

Dear Loida,
Thanks, for showing us where you work and the photo of you.
You are a beautiful lady.

I love watches but , the one I have is not a good one and I have had it for years. I have had the battery changed lots of times.
I will pray for you and your family
I hope your woes go away soon.

Anonymous said...

HI and what an interesting post! Thanks for popping in to see me! Hope you'll come back for a visit.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Unknown said...

how cool!!!

2 Dogs said...

I only own one watch at a time. I wear it for years and years until it falls apart and then I get a new one. I think I've had this one for 5 years. It has a mother of pearl face and diamonds. When I was younger I would buy one at Walmart for $2 and wear it forever. So my taste has gotten more expensive over the years but I still only have one at a time.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Dear Loida..of course I believe it! I would believe you if you told me the moon was made of green cheese. :) Yes, although I paid little attention, I knew watches and other items were probably made from all over the world. The one that I am wearing right now is a Brighton...but my favorite on is a Gucci. They are not as much in style now...but I love it and have every Bezel ever made for it! :)

And...thank you for your comments on my clumsy attempt to tell a bit of my life with Patrick. You should have known him. :)


Thanks a lot for sharing with us..i added myself your follow list.nice to meey you and your blog...

Bonnie said...

It would be fun to think that you had had a hand in making some of my watches! I will think of you when I put them on!

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

Dearest Ms. LESLIE,
I'd been worrying about you. Been so long since you had an up-date.. Thanks that you found the chance to visit. Yeah, such an exciting job I got here but sometimes, there are boring moments. Thanks God we have blog site.. And thanks a lot for the prayers..


Thanks too for dropping by. I will surely return to your site and enjoy your up-dates.. Have a nice day my new-found friend..


Thanks a lot.. Nice to see you..


Dearest PATTY,
Thanks for dropping by. Some people preferred to use a durable brand that lasts.. I guess you're one of them who value the quality rather than quantity. Thanks and hope you well..


Dearest MONA,
The sweet honesty as ever.. hahaha..
Brighton belongs to signature variety as well as Gucci.

The high-end and most expensive wrist watches bears the simplest design yet the components they used were all costly and delicately made.

Yes we hope that we had the chance to know your Patrick. You're lucky to have met such a noble and loving man. Thanks for sharing such an inspiring love story.. have a nice day..


Thanks for following my blog.. I had been to your site and I highly admire all the lovely cakes you had made.. Such adorable designs you got there.. It's really nice to meet you too.. See you again my new-found friend..


Dearest BONNIE,
Wow, I had missed you.. Yeah, I'd been with this company for 15 years and it still amazes me to think how a small parts can be formed into an exquisite product in the end. Thanks for thinking of me my dearest friend.
God bless you.

mightydacz said...

wow ayayay!!!big thanks for this post.I love wearing wrist watch and my favorite accesories so far because of its function and i do believe "time is gold" more on the design and style,i prefer silver than to gold para kasi sakin pangmatanda na ang gold more on its weight also the lighter the better.Right now im wearing Skagen of denmark.I love the design of swatch of now my next target to purchase is from tag heuer yan ang pinag iipunan ko lol.meron dyan?discount?lol

Leslie said...

I received the lovely gift you sent to me today. How did you know that was my favorite color ?

Hugs and prayers for you~~~~~Leslie

Danette said...

OOH! I love this glimpse of your world!
Like I said before ~ I love Asian people.
You all look so beautiful and your factory is very clean.
Have a great day!!!

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

Hello Mightydacz,
Yeah, gold plated watches are no longer "in" for quiet sometime but it will come around.. Skagen is one of the lighter variety either made of steel or titanium..
Wow, Tag is a luxury watch. We don't service the makers of both Skagen and Tag, but I'll ask our contacts. They sometimes sell a piece or two. The last time was a Ladies Tag Heuer. E-mail me and I'll see what I can do..

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

Dear Ms. LESLIE,
Thanks that you finally received my simple gift. Have a nice day..


Thanks for dropping by.. We highly appreciate that you love Asian people like us.
Other than ISO 9001:2000, we are also a holder of ISO 14001 and soon OHSAS 18001 Certificate; so no doubt we are enjoying our environmentally friendly, safe and clean working environment.. Have a great day too..

aurbie said...

That was great photo-essay.

I got in last yesterday and a little birdie had a present for me. Thank you so much. I did a photo-essay of my husband unwrapping it. Took forever!

So sweet of you!

You told me to hold your package until your move. Let me know.

Oh, it matches our living room furniture. How did you know?

Anonymous said...

Hey Loida my friend!!
Sorry I am just dropping by but as you said.....yes I am so busy with my catering business. That's a good thing though, no?
I am enjoying myself so much and Prince and I love our lives together everyday :)
How beautiful you look in that snapshot....WOW!!
How's your hot hubby??
How's your son girl? Is he okay?
Hey...this is to you and Patty.........WHEN ARE WE HAVING OUR VITRUAL TEA PARTY???????
I'm ready (can we put brandy in our tea just for giggles??)

Steady On
Reggie Girl

aurbie said...

Reggie Girl: Tea party? Well. I guess we need to pick a day and have someone take a photo of us sipping our tea, and post the photos the same day.

I am not going to have a lot of time to clean up dust bunnies for a fancy party anytime soon. As a matter of fact, my cats will join me. I think I will wear my overalls.

You can invite your dogs (you can buy that little table for your dogs - the one you posted on your blog).

Loida, you will have to give our tea party a little class.

So someone pick a day.

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

Hahaha.. Blogging is not that fun without this two bloggers around.. Keep it up Patty and Reggie Girl..!!

Welcome back Patty.. Miss you both and how's the birthday girl? hope you had a wonderful birthday.. Thanks that you like my small gift. Yeah the package is kind of terrible, it was partly done by the strict Chinese Postal Staff after security check..

About the virtual party, hmmn brandied coffee would be very nice Reggie Girl. I'm sure to bring along my 'hottie husband' while our brats would take our photo so you can see us enjoying a pint of brandy and a mug of cafe latte. Hehehe..

Pls tell me when..

Missy said...

Hi Loida, thanks for sharing of what you are doing in the manufacturing of watches. I know that most of what I'm wearing right now are made of China :-)

I remember also that my previous company has a factory in your area. More power to your blog and I really enjoy every post you have :-)

RJ said...

Wow! That's amazing! Ate Loida, I'm currently wearing Timex! U

[Nagulat po ako, Loida na, hindi na 2L3B's! Akala ko po kung sino.]

Loida of the 2L3B's said...


Yes most of the components are made in China, Vietnam and other Asian countries and the watch manufacturers just assemble the products at their ends.. I was actually surprised when Rolex contacted me to order Plating Racks wayback then.
I also enjoyed visiting your blogs. Just like bringing me to the beautiful places in Japan..
Thanks Missy. See you again soon..

Dear RJ,

Yup, I decided to modify to make it more personalized and friendly.. Loida still represents my family..

I browsed your Friendster site, so you graduated in CEU? My two sons took their initial degrees there but transferred and graduated here in China. I guess Centro Escolar University is one of the finest universities in the Phils..

Do you know that the people behind the TIMEX WATCHES are highly bright Filipino Engineers? Mga taga Cebu sila at mga friends namin. Timex and Guess Watches were manufactured by the same company called Mersey Co., Ltd.

About the TAG, still has to wait for our contact's reply.. I'll up-date you later.. Ingat ka lagi dyan, ok?

Ate Loida

Deanna said...

Hello my dear sweet Loida, I had forgotten to tell you about Phyllis. I met Phyllis last year when I first started blogging. She is so funny and she's not afraid to speak her mind! When I left blogging last year because of my eyes and returned this past October, she remembered me and wrote me a sweet letter. Her blog is on my Blogging Beauties list under Shabby In The City. Visit will just love her and I know that she will love you too!

Deanna :D

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

Dear Doc RJ,
Opppps, may I apologize, yung CEU comment is supposedly for Mightydacz, the rest are yours..
Thanks ;)

aurbie said...

Lodia: I think our tea party is on the other side of the mirror, being enjoyed by Alice, the White Rabbit, and the Mad Hatter. Hey, that equals the three of us. I will be the Mad Hatter. "Yum! My tea is so good. Is it time to change chairs now? A very merry un-birthday to you, and me; and you Reggie Girl."

aurbie said...

PS: Where are your people photos? You bad girl, you!

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

Hello my dear PATTY.. hehehe, been busy and people here are afraid of a snap shot. I think they thought I would abduct them.. (joke!) hehehe.. No, I'll post it in a little while..

The TEA PARTY.. please wait till me and my hubby's together 'coz I had invited him and he's in Chanping right now on business. Be seeing him on Monday so see you then..

Happy weekend lovely ladies..

RJ said...

Talaga po palang kilala na ang husay at galing ng Pinoy! Hanggang sa China (dyan galing karamihan mga products dito sa Au), proud tuloy ako sa inyong lahat dyan! o",)

Hindi ko po alam ang email ad nyo. Heto po ang URL ng site ni Yanah.

Babalik ako to read your new post. Maaga po kasi ang pasok ko today. o",)

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

Dear RJ,
My e-mail is
Sige ingat ka and have a nice day..
Care, Tita Loida

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