Monday, March 16, 2009

Priorities and Faces

My Monday turned out to be a day full of priorities..

The First is the PRIORITY MAIL!!!

I finally got one of the friendliest gifts I had ever received.. Have you ever received a gift from anyone you never knew all your life but because friendship blooms anywhere, anytime from the hearts of good people, gift giving just came up? I am such a lucky one, a certain belle from America decided to send me something I will treasure forever..

Thank you so much my dearest REGGIE GIRL ( Playing for Pizza, Bluesville and the wonderful card with kind words really warms my heart..

Second is to BE WITH MY HUBBY, He only have a couple of day offs every month so we always made sure to be together all alone.. And this Monday, we took a walk as sort of bonding moment from our home to the post office to get my Priority Mail. And while walking, we took turns in taking photos of important people around our neighborhood.

I considered taking the shot of FACES OF GOOD PEOPLE around our neighborhood as part of my Monday Priorities noting that I had promised the good girls of America (Patty and Reggie Girl), that I will show them the faces that made China tick. Opps, Did I say that..? Sorry folks, FACES shots has to be last Friday but it was kind of delayed but anyway here are the photos for you to see..

My favourite photo of the Chinese Soldier, isn't he cute..?
Optometrist taken after my hubby's eye check
Fish Monger when we dropped by the supermarket..
LPG GAS delivery man taken along our way
Mr. Post Man taken when we got my gift from Reggie Girl..
Factory Worker I took before I left our factory
Good old hawker..
Our friendly neighborhood Medical Doctor
Dongle Garden Security Guard, the guy who guards our home
The nearby Bankers
The Road Construction Worker
The Street Sweeper
The nearby Street Food Vendor
Our Traffic Officer

To get more information and for those who would like to join the Friday Shoot-Outs, kindly visit: PATTY of and REGGIE GIRL of


Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

Oh my gosh..........I'm so glad that my frienship package finally arrived!! I'm sure that they will be glad that I stop inquiring at my local post office. Ricky told me to please "Go Away Reggie Girl, it will get to your friend when it get's there". Whatever Ticky :)
I was beginning to think that it wasn't going to get to you before you moved girl!!
I hope that you and your hot hubby will have a little love dance to the Blues CD and think of Prince and I when you do......we are so in love with life and each other that we make our family and friends sick, lol ;)
Loida, I hope that we will be friends for life and I'm a better person for knowing you and your beautiful family......
Take good care my friend, happy reading and dancing and.....

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

Hahaha Reggie Girl, you're really funny..!!! Know what? Me and my husband was really excited to open the gift.. And he was super excited about the Bluesville. He's been collecting Blues and Jazz records so he can play it with his band.. And yeah, we'll sure to dance with the tune on March 21.. Love you my friend.. John Grisham is really fantastic.. but nothing can beat the card and letter of friendship you enclosed.. God, I'm soooo lucky!
Ooops, about our move, our passports are still in the Canadian Embassy.. I'll up-date you later.. God bless you and Prince..

Joanie said...

Loida, John Grisham is one of my favorite authors! Enjoy your book!

sauvageblue said...

thanks for sharing a little bit of home it was such a treat to happy neighbor people, smile....
if you really want to know about canning I can share the books I read and online sites I read.
You seem like a truly special lady with a wonderful family, smile....

goooooood girl said...

your blog is very fine......

RJ said...

Ang daming mensaheng hatid ang mga larawang ito. Nakaya akoong dalhin sa Tsina nitong post na 'to, galing! [Buti walang nagalit sa kanila habang kinukunan niyo sila ng litrato! Certified paparazzi na ang 2L3B's! o",)]

The Pink Birdhouse said...

Loida, what a nice post, seeing faces of people who are part of your world. Some how seeing faces, or home, little bits of this or that from so many different places in the world through blogging, the world seems like a smaller place now. I think it is just great!

Oh, what a good idea, that you blogged about your little goodie box from Reggie Girl. I did not think to do that with the package that you sent to me. Have a good Tuesday.

aurbie said...

Well, if Reggie Girls package got through then my package should get through. Reggie girl can even mail packages better than me.

Better late than never with your people pictures. I will add your site to our list when I get back this afternoon.

They are super pictures, too. When you look at all the people around in the world on our little blogs, one wonders why we just all can't have peace, and love each other.

We are all just alike...going to work, going to the post office, getting our eyes checked, riding our bikes, saying hello to our policeman, going to the market.

Perhaps our little blogs can help add to world peace.

Hello to that cute little soldier from this Maryland gal, and to everyone else in your photos.

You should sign up for for Twitter, and add it to your blog. I love it!

You must join us in houses on Friday!


Bonnie said...

How fun to see the local people where you live in their various occupations! And how wonderful to receive a gift from a sweet friend. Enjoy your music and your time with your sweetheart! We love jazz too!

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

Me too.. He's so good. I especially like The Client.. I'll see you in a while my friend.. Nice seeing you.

Yeah I guess I'm one of the lucky ones here to have such a wonderful family and given the chance to live in a happy place like Shenzhen where plots of people are so accommodating..

And yes please, I hope you can teach me about canning. You're so kind to offer that.. I hope I can replay your kindness. Nice meeting you and be seeing you in a bit.. Have a nice day my friend..

Dearest RJ,
Hehehe yeah certified paparazzi.. Some people actually felt ashamed when I took their photos.. Some were so friendly.. But honestly, I took some stolen shots too like the photo of the Police Traffic Officer.. I'm glad I was able to brought you here. That was the suburb, I could bring you to better places later.. Have you been to Germany? Come and visit my good friend of the The Pink Bird House; or to Crisfield and Newman.. or to Japan perhaps? pls visit Sardonyx.. This blogspot is really cool...! Thanks RJ and see you in your site later..
Tita Loida

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

My dearest DEBBY,
Thanks my dear. I am actually returning a favor to you, Patty, Reggie and all the wonderful people here for bringing me to all the beautiful places and meeting new faces.. And here is the part of our world.. Yeah it's really great.. Taking the photo of the package occurred to me when I saw the postman. I hope to take his photo without offending him so I took the photo of the package and later took his photo too.. hehehe
I hope you get well soon so you can join Patty and Reggie Girl's Photo shoot-out.. It's really fun..


My dearest PATTY,
Yeah, me and Reggie was so relieved when I received the postal clearance. We never thought it would be released, it took sometime there.. Oh please, please I am highly touched and really anticipating your gift. I guess it could still reach us noting that the Embassy still did not release our passports. This might mean we still got time to work things out.

Thank you for adding me to your list.. Yeah me too, I wonder why there are so many fights and heartaches in this world when making peace and extending love through friendship is way too much easier..

I agree too, maybe you guys have beautiful noses than we Asians, but yeah we are all alike. Similar things we do for similar purposes.. I really hope our little blogs can help achieve world peace..

Hehehe, I'll try to find that little soldier again and extend your hello.. He's really cute and very friendly.. Some are friendly too except the Police Traffic Officer.. :)

I'll sign up with the Twitter. Thanks for the advise. Take care always.. Have a nice day my friend..


Dearest BONNIE,
Thanks a lot that liked you my FACES shoot-out. I hope you can join us too. If you are interested, please visit my good friends PATTY of CRISFIELD MARYLAND AND REGGIE GIRL.
I hope your renovations shall be completed soon. Take care my good friend and have a lovely day ahead.. Care, Loida

mightydacz said...

hello tita Loida its me again dacz,

wow you are so blessed and so lucky.

ah kaya pala hindi nakapunta sa Hongkong because your passport is in Canadian embassy.

thanks for sharing the photos the authentic faces of china lol kasi para kasing nakita ko na sila sa divisoria and sa binondo sa atin lol ung post mo original habitat nila lol

aurbie said...

PS: Although in Crisfield, we don't have traffic officers like big cities (the ones that stand in the middle of the road). It is a small town and they all know is naughty and who is nice.

They keep our town safe.

aurbie said...

Well, poo. I was trying to change my post and deleted it. Grrr. I am having a hard time typing. My hand hurts sometimes from using all that camera gear, and blogging doesn't help.

I was saying: You have not seen "my" nose! Heehe.

Unknown said...

looks like a good book to read!

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

Dear Mightydacz,
Good morning. the people here are similar to chinese people in divisoria.. but you see, their lives here are quite different. they live in their own flats with all the amenities they need. some are migrant workers from remote ares in china and hired to work as factory workers, road construction workers, etc. they were provided with free board and lodging.. yes, no passport yet :(
Thanks for dropping by. take care always ha.. care, ate loida

We got a lot of traffic officers here.. We needed that 'coz of terrible traffic caused by railway infrastructures.

I hope your hand can cope up with the blogging.. oh pls take it easy..

My nose is terribly shorter than my husband's.. and presumably too tiny compared to your beautiful noses.. hehehe.. have a nice day..

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

Dearest Becky,
I bet ya, John Grisham is terribly so cool except his work on the The Broker..
Thanks for dropping by and have a nice day ahead..

Ken said...

Ate Loida

I am including your blog in the KABLOGS, under Asia and the Pacific Region.

Salamat po sa Concern kay Ms. Twitch.

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

What a sweet post! Friendship and smiles are so important!

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

Dear Mr. Thoughtskoto,
Thank you very much for including me in your Kablogs list.. I'm deeply touched.. Salamat ha.. I'll see more of you later.. God bless.
Care, Ate Loida and Family


Thanks a lot for dropping by. Yeah, smiles and friendship really warms the heart..
Best regards,

Heart of Rachel said...

That's a wonderful package. I've also received several gifts from blog friends in the past.

Thanks for sharing these interesting shots of the people you often interact with.

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