Saturday, March 28, 2009

confusions, replies and up-dates

I'm not sure why I cannot post replies to all your kind comments. I'm confused with what's going on with my site. I linked to various favourite sites like The Butler and Bagman Chronicles, it ended up in my post and then suddenly disappears.

Please accept my apoloy my friends for my technical inefficiency or perhaps my sites' inaccuracy..

Debby My dearest friend, I'd been trying to send you comments after I read about the shooting scare but I cannot send any comments.. So please accept this:
Dearest Debby,
Please forgive me, I was not able to open my site as often as I want. When I read this, I really felt sad and really worried about you especially about the safety of your children.. Do you think they are safe to come back to school now? I hope and pray that the authority there would be very vigilant and would keep the students away from harm. I am offering you my prayers for the safety of your children and for the comfort that you need.. I deeply understand how hard it must be. I am also worried that you are still not strong enough to stand on your own. Please up-date us my friend and keep us posted. Is home schooling a better option? I hope so.
Care so much,


My dearest Debby,
Thanks for sharing the dreams with me.. Yes, daydreaming is kind of fun.. It relaxes me although some of it are just funny thoughts. Anyway, I am happy to know that even we lack the financial capacity to actaulize our dreams, we're still happy that we're leading a joyful life far better than those who have..

I'd been missing you my friend.. I am sorry for being late in replying and visiting..


Dearest Judith,
Thanks my friend for visiting. Hehehe some of my dreams are just crazy dreams just to relieve my stress. But thanks that you believed that some dreams do come true.. Have a safe and enjoyable weekend..


My dear Doc RJ,
Thanks a lot for dreaming similar dreams like mine.. It's a nice way to relax a bit. In your case, everything is possible especially the 9th. I hope you can reach this and both 10 and 11 too...Please take care always.. Care, Tita Loida

Dearest Deanna,
Thanks my friend for sharing some of my daydreams. Yes it has been my dream to visit the holy land and Rome since I was small. I always imagine how the people live during the life of Christ.
I'll meet you in your site in just a short while my friend.. Sweet hugs to you and regards to Marshall.

Dearest Mightydacz,
Hahaha sarap mag daydreams di ba? Pero naku, try not to find Aladdin's Magic Lamp, he would only pester us with 3 wishes. I got 11 so I'll end up wishing for more.. Better yet, let's all just wish for "CONTENTMENT" na lang.. Hehehe.. Miss you all.. Pls. take care always.. Care, Tita Loida


My dearest Margaret,
Thanks that you understand. It's no big deal.. I'm just trying to relax my mind from stress. And yes if we can be able to cope up well in there, I might consider studying again..
Nice meeting you and pls forgive me for not visiting you these past days.. Have a lovely weekend.


Dearest PATTY. hahaha..! thanks for waking me up and took me away from my dreams.. i don't mean to wake up in a millionaires' den.. never! that would ruin the meaning of 2L3Bs. Simple people having a simple life although we sometimes dream. our simple life is far better, with challenges and all but joy always lingers.. Daydreaming is just part of self relaxation, a kind of therapy for me.. heheh..
Miss you my friend.. Care, Loida

And here's why I need to daydream once in a while.. I'd been stressed out with these baggages.. Good news, we're nearing the end.


The Pink Birdhouse said...

oh my oh my, that DOES look like a lot of work. Unbelieveable. But good to hear that it is nearing the end. As for the problems that you have been having with posting comments, I seem to be having troubles with that too of late. I wonder if it has something to do with the outage that blogger was having this week. Perhaps there were problems with the system. I couldn't seem to leave the comments on some blogs, because there was no Post A Comment button to be found. Take care Loida dear, don't fret about posts right now, when you have the time and can get back to writing, we will all welcome you back with open arms. Take care, debby

aurbie said...

I don't want to even think abut moving. Yikes.

I know you will really enjoy Ontario. Will it be spring when you arrive? Spring and summer are magical there.

The winter on the other hand...? Can't wait to see your post when the snow arrives. But you will adjust.

I had a few posts go wacky, too, but eventually they worked out.

Leslie said...

I have been very confused about you blog.
I would go to your blog and it wasn't there only a few comments. And I did not know what to write. Three days that went on. But, glad to see you again.
Don't work to hard unpacking. I have been there/done that.

mightydacz said...

tita loida sorry po hindi ko po alam ang mga technical problems tulad ng nangyayari sa blog mo.about me okay na ako wala ng flu salamat po.

Danette said...

I have trouble posting comments on blogs sometimes too. I don't get it either!!!
Are you in Ontario, Canada now?
I've been sick lately and missing out on everyones blogs.
Love to you sweet friend {wherever you are}!

The French Bear said...

No problems here with your blog. Wow, look at the boxes, are you almost done? Where are you going to? Canada? Take care hon, don't overdue it!!!
Margaret B

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

Hi Loida!! I got your e-mail and I've missed you too dear friend!!
I've tried to comment on your post a couple of times and it just kept saying "loading"??
Glad that you must have straightened it all out!
Moving bites, no? Lordy, I hope this last move is the LAST one for a long, long time. Actually....I hope that I never have to move again. If I do, I think that a gallon of petrol and a match will be put to good use?
How's your hot hubby and your beautiful children?
You take good care girl and it will all be over and you'll have your new place looking like a palace in no time :)

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

My dearest Debby,
Thanks for the comment. I am so glad that I can reply now.. I guess my computer at home need technical modification. I realized now that I can sedn comments and reeplies when I am using my Office computer.. This is so great and I'm so happy now..
And yes, happy that you're doing well now. I hope your kids are really safe now. Prayers might be the best help other that your authorities assiatnce.

---------------------------------------------Dearest PATTY,
Yeah moving is really yaikkks!! hehehe.. glad that we're nearing the ned. Just waiting for the Freight Forwarder to move our history to a new story line. I hope it would be similarly exciting and fruitful.
About the winter, we had carried along all the possible thermal cloatings we could get here to get ready for the future brrrrrr....


Yeah me too, I'm really confused. May I aplogize. I hope you're fine and thanks for visiting.. I'd been missing you. Have a nice days ahead..


Naku Ok na. The site is a little bit uncontrolled but it's getting better now. Have a nice day and nice to know your flu is now under control. Please take care always.. Care, Tita Loida


Dearest DANETTE,
Thanks for the sweet comments. I guess my site is getting better now. No, we're still here in Shenzhen and waiting till the Freight Forwarder picked up the goods and until everything is done here. We'll be there very soon before June based on our immigrant Visa expiration.

Please take care always and I hope that you are now fully recovered from your ailments.
Care, Loida


Thnaks for the comment. Yeah we're moving to Canada soon. The boxes are really a pain but good thing is we're quite done now. Have a nice weekdays ahead my friend..
Best regards,

It's always nice to hear from you knowing that you're feeling alright now. I am always thinking of you. Please get well soon my friend and always remember that me and my family really cares.. This blog site is such a blessing knowing good people around and letting the friendship blooms..

HalfCrazy said...

Hi there!

That's a lot of packages, what are you gonna do with that? I'm pretty new here to your blog, by the way! :P

Seems like you have to report your technical difficulties to Google.

Much Love,

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

Hello HalfCrazy,

Ohh you got a funny name.. It's kinda cool.. Packages are bound to our future home. We're moving for good..

Good to see you here.. Welcome to our blog site and hope you enjoy your stay. I'd been to yours too few minutes ago.. You sound interesting.. So you also met few of my favourite blog friends, huh?

Hope to see you again soon.. Have a nice day..

Veronica said...

Goodness me you have been one very busy lady, Loida! I am glad to hear that it is all nearly finished. Ontario? I've never had the pleasure of visiting Canada so I will be looking forward to reading all your posts about that city. Reading all your first impressions will seem like visiting it for the first time myself! Warm wishes to you my friend, Vxx

HalfCrazy said...

Wow, very cool, have fun with the moving thing! It's gonna be hard work but it's fun! Seems like you're Pinoy? :)

Yeah, I went to your page through Reggie Girl. Saw your comment so I came here and enjoyed your content! :)

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

Dearest Veronica,
Hahaha yeah that boxes made me really busy. The worst part are over so I got the time to see you again often this time.. Thanks my friend for visiting. See you in your site in a short while.. Care, Loida


Dear HalfCrazy,
Hi again my young friend. Yeah we're pinoy and glad to have met you. Funny because my daughter is 17 too.. She's not into blogging, she's more in the fashion stuff. Please visit her favorite site in my side bar.
The moving is making me half crazy.. hahaha!
Tita Loida

BlogusVox said...

I've got similar problems before, I didn't do anything and after a few days my blog was normal again. made some "house cleaning" last week. My guess is they might still doing it and it affected your blog. Don't worry, I don't think there's any problem with your site. I think its an internal thing, just wait for a few days.

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