Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Johnsons and Johnsons

I always felt bad when the trusted brands were put under scrutiny considering that J&J has been the most trusted name in baby products since 1886..

According to the Shenzhen Daily News this morning, there was this watchdog from the US stating that Johnson and Johnson's Baby products has found to have contained toxic elements. But the State quality watchdogs however denied an earlier report. There would be further investigation.. The investigation concerns mainly on the J&J's baby bath and baby shampoo products which allegedly containing cancer-causing chemicals 1,4-dioxane and formaldehyde.

J&J has been my family's trusted brand even before I was born. I grew up using the one and only "NO MORE TEARS SHAMPOO", and used the product when I had children of my own.. It was really sad that after strings of food safety scandals just few months ago, here comes the bad news again about this famous and trusted brand..

There are many families all over the world trusting this brand.. After over 123 years of manufacturing similar products, why mothers suddenly has to face this kind of distress?

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Michelle, All Home and Love said...

I'm surprised to hear this. I'll have to keep my eye out for more info. It is really sad that we have to worry about our food and every day products being harmful to us. We need stricter regulations on these things.

The Pink Birdhouse said...

I had not yet heard this story about J & J. I too grew up with that shampoo, still do love the scent of it and used it on my own children. I could not get it here in germany so used to buy it up by the dozens to put in my suitcase and bring it back here with me, giving me a good long supply! How sad that such trusted old companies are put under the microscope with such allegations tossed around about them. Thanks so much for sharing this with us, Loida!

Emily said...

That is scary!! I hadn't heard that either. Luckily my own children don't use that any more, but they did when they were small.

Thank you for your nice comment on my blog. I will definitely have to get some other kind of flowers for now!

dot&co. said...

OMG! i myself was a J&J 'baby' and so is Gabe, laking Johnson's kami, even up to now, i still use Johnson's baby products particularly JB cologne regular [d' blue one-brought here from the Philippines, me stock ako hehehe!]...{lil trivia: nung high school ako, i was known to have been using JB cologne everyday when i go to school, my friends got so familiar with the smell and when they get to smell it somewhere else, they'd say, "hmmm, amoy dotdot" lol! sobrang nai-associate na sa akin}... and the JB bath [d' blue one as well-bought here na] as i easily develop allergies from using bar soaps... kaya, a must sa amin ni gabe ang liquid soaps talaga...

many moms should be alarmed...i hope the truth comes out... it's sad...

Unknown said...

I totally agree with you. So much to worry about right now! My youngest is 7 and I stilllllll use it!

aurbie said...

The first thing I look for on something I am going to use on my body is, "Not tested on animals." J&J is a big tester of animals. They do some horrible tests.

You are pretty safe with all natural products. They don't need to be tested on animals.

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

Thanks for dropping by. I was surprised too. For more info, pls visit this sites. Hope it's not true..

My Dear DEBBY,
Yeah, the 'no more tear baby shampoo' had been my shampoo when I was a kid and when I got children of my own.. so bad. i hope the findings turned out wrong.. thanks for visiting my friend..


Dear JEMM,
Hi, nice to see you.. Yeah I really love your flowers.. Too bad about the J&J. I hope it's a false alarm.. I'll be visiting you again later..


Dear DOT,
It's kind of scary but since the news has came out, I guess things will be taken care off just like the milk scare.. Kisses to Gabe.. regards to Grande.. Miss you guys..

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

Dearest JEN,

Please check this site:

and this

and I really pray that they can correct things out soon..

Thanks for dropping by..

care, Loida


Dearest PATTY,
Yeah you're right, I guess we have to do that, checking the manufacturers.. I hope it's not too late..

Thanks for staying with me my friend.. It's 12:45am and I'm still awake..

30 minutes more and off to bed.. see you tomorrow..


mightydacz said...

omg!!!so scary it contain formalin and it can destroy our vision and it can make us blind.thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...

My children are 37 & 39 & I used J&J brand everything! I am so weary with all these recalls & panics. I just wish companies would do it right in the first place!!
In spite of it all... Have a great day!!

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

hahaha mightydacz, you always made me laugh every time you drop a comment. ayan nawala na pati antok ko.. hehehe... such a funny guy and i like you for that!

kidding aside, yeah if this news end up to be real, i guess it can destroy a lot of trust from people all over the world too..

good that you're big boy now, no need to use 'no more tears' shampoo..

tita loida

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

Dearest MARILYN,

Yeah it kept me thinking why products before were so safe and then suddenly, there's this non-stop scare about foods and products being harmful..

life nowadays are getting scary..

thanks my friend for citing your views..

Deanna said...

I had not heard about this. We used this shampoo forever as children. I guess just about everything nowadays is questionable.


Deanna said...


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Loida of the 2L3B's said...

My dear Deanna,
Almost every family uses this brand that's why I was alarmed and you're right, everything nowadays are quationable..

Wow, the giveaways on 21 would be fun.. I'll post down a comment.. I'm excited and may I greet you a happy 200th post in advanced.. May you continue to give us you wonderful up-dates forever..

Strawberry Girl said...

Check out the Skin Deep report (Google it) and Burts Bee's baby shampoo smells just like Johnsons...

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

Thanks, I'd been there just now and yeah they're good because they clearly indicated there their findings.
Anyway, I'm just worrying for the baby boomers out there. I'm out of it, my youngest now is 17 y.o. Happy to see you again..

meggie said...

Thankyou so much for visting my blog, & leaving me a lovely comment.
What lovely photos you have of your family.

Amie said...

Thank you for sharing this Loida, I had not heard about this news, but I feel sad because I had been a loyal J&J fan since I was a little girl. In fact this brand was a household name in our family when I was growing up, whenever I couldn't find my shampoo or baby powder, I would say "nasaan ang Johnson ko?"...Even until now, my daughters still use their baby shampoo because they are mild & does not give them allergies..

the wild raspberry said...

that's scary stuff!
makes you want to make EVERYTHING at home!

The French Bear said...

I haven't heard anything, but that is not surprising, sometimes we hear about this sort of thing and other times, not! Media! I don't think it is a bad thing to make companies accountable for what they make, I would think most people would want to know what's in a product they use on their children. It is just sad that this another example of a company not being honest.......
Margaret B

Sardonyx said...

It's really surprising that J&J has some unsafe baby products and most of us grew up with their shampoo :-( I still remember J&J's commercial and its popular jingle or song...never mind I can't sing well hahaha

Thanks for sharing this Loida or Ate Loida(???) Keep it up!

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

Thanks for visiting too. I like your blog site and hope to return there very soon.. See you..
Have a nice weekend..


Dear AMIE,

Nice seeing you here.. Yes I was alarmed when I read the news. Ksi nga I understand that most families were using this brand. Such terrible manufacturing and supply chain management system the manufacturers have right now..! We preferred J&J because of its "no more tears formula". I hope things will get better. Thanks my friend Amie and hope it wont affect you daughter. Hope the news is false alarm.. Have a nice weekend ahead..


Yeah it's really terrible. I really hope we could find a better home-made alternative but that could be a lot of work.. Thanks for sharing this. Have a happy weekend..


I highly agree with you. They'd been manufacturing this kind of products for so many years, I wonder why they have to suddenly change their formulas.. such dishonesty..! thanks for sharing your view my friend.. Hope things would get better.. Have a lovely weekend..


yes Missy, we all almost grow up with J&J alongside.. I like their "no More tears commercial" when I was a child. i wonder how they got into this.. it's terrible..

anyway, nice seeing you again my friend . have a happy and enjoyable photo trips in japan for us to see.. thanks for the wonderful photos..

Heart of Rachel said...

This is alarming news. I just bought fresh bottles of J&J shampoo and liquid soap for my son.

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