Monday, March 23, 2009


We are now in the phase when we have to sort, throw, wrap, box, huff and puff until our feet, body especially our backs can no longer bear to walk and bend up. I hope there's a way to accommodate all the things that we had accumulated during the entire 15 years of our residency here in China in one single box.. But really, this is the hardest part of moving..

Not yet though, we have to freight all the baggages first; let them take a ship ride to our 'home sweet home' then take another ride on a plane this time before it reaches our 'future home'.. Such lucky baggages.. They just sit there to enjoy their rides never minding the hardship we had fought out before the realization of our dreams had been finally realized.. **sigh**


RJ said...

Moving, Tita Loidz?! Where's your future home? USA? Canada? NZ, Australia? England? o",)

Wow! May God bless you all the time! U

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

Dearest Doc RJ,
We will try in Canada this time. Sana OK din.. Thanks sa blessings, we really need that.. I'd been to Australia before, you got a nice place there. Please take care always.. Care, Tita Loida and family

Ken said...

Ang galing mo naman Tita, patravel travel lang, Pero there is a saying for some expats and ofw's that whenever we leave home at king saan man tayo papadparin, we carry with us in our heart, the memories and the friends we cherish and met... sa puso. parang ang sarap magblog about that ah.

ingat Tita. Do you not some help in sorting out your kablogs! hahaha!

The Pink Birdhouse said...

Loida, I can not even imagine how hard it must be to pack up an entire household and a family and move them to another country. I moved many years ago, but I was single and did not bring along with me much on my first time here. I would bring along things each time I went home for a visit! Oh my, I can imagine what a stress it is for you right now, but my thoughts are with you, and if I could, I would help you pack! I am quite good at it now after so many years. :-)

The French Bear said...

Moving? Where are you off to my dear? It is a very stressful thing to do.
Take care
Margaret B

mightydacz said...

oh baggages dami siguro nyan sa loob ng 15 years ba naman madami nga for sure .yes i agree with you mahirap at nakakapagod masakit sa likod mag ayos ng bagahe lolpero nakakatuwa kasi doon mo natutuklasan may gamit ka palang nag eexist na saiyo na doon mo lang nakita lol.

oh really tita loida ur moving to canada na pala, congratz kitakits na lang tayo doon lol another clap clap clap

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

Dearest Thoughtskoto,
Hehehe, 'yung baggages pa lang namin ang magta-travel.. Kami dito lang 'till they arrived.. Naku sige nga pls help us ang gulo ng bahay namin ngayon.. grabe..
Yeah you're right, we OFW's used to travel, meet new friends and cherish such encounters.. I'm so glad that we have this blogspot so there will always a way to extend our friendly nature all over the world by just lifting our fingers. I hope to read your blogs about this.. Regadrs to Mrs. Thoughtkoto..
Thanks for visiting.. Have a nice day..
Care, Tita Loida


My dearest Debby,
Yeah it's really hard.. My body aches and up to now we're still working on it.. Hay, such a mess in our home.. Thanks for your kind concern my friend. You're really sweet..Pls tell me, are you ok now? Hope you can move without the pain. Have a nice day ahead.


Dearest Margaret,
Thanks my friend for dropping by. We'll be off to Canada before May ends. It's really stressful..


Dearest Mightydacz,
Yeah you're right, our backs are killing us.. Our body aches that we cannot move well anymore.. oo, the fun thing is we were able to see some memorable things like old photos. Lots of memories to cherish..
Oh yeah, we really hope to see you there.. Just keep in touch ha..
Cares a lot,
Tita Loida

Unknown said...

oh...I hate moving!

aurbie said...

Congrats on the moving forward on moving!

You will love Ontario, except for know what? Brrrrr.

I hate packing.

Don't work too hard.

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

Dear Becky,
hahaha, me too..!
Thanks for dropping by..


Dearest PATTY,
Oh please I hope so.. except the brrrr,,,, hehehe.. Thanks for the concern. It's really hard but we can make it.. Have a nice day and always take care..

Sardonyx said...

Wow, new home how exciting! I've been to a lot of places too; moving, packing, shipping, unpacking and I know the feeling, it's pretty stressful....the worst is the unpacking of household goods. Good luck to your new home and to your new adventure of life.

Veronica said...

Dear Loida, I know well the conflicting emotion of moving countries - so much to look forward to and yet so much to look backwards at and remember. I wish you good fortune and much happiness in your new home. And even more with the job of packing everything up!! :D Warm, good wishes to you and to your family, Vxx

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

Dearest Sardonyx,
Thanks for visiting. Actually the excitement wore off, our life now revolves around the packing tapes and boxes.. hahaha.. thanks for good wishes my friend, we really need a lot of that.. i'd been missing all of you when i am packing.. see you later..


Dearest Veronica,
May I apologize because I sometimes have no time to visit all of you.. Yeah were having mixed emotions right now. Thanks for wishing us good fortune and happiness. I was touched by your kindness my dear friend. See you more often when things were done here.. Have a nice day..

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

Darlin Loida,
Prince and I were moved with his job across the country and back last year so I know what you are going through. Going through all of your memorie's......deciding what you can and can't bear to part with. It's just so hard to decide on some things. It's your life and all of your memories that you are packing away!
You and your beautiful family are in our thoughts and prayers and......

Steady On My Dear Friend
Reggie Girl

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I TOTALLY deserve to be kicked to the curb!! I should know exactly where you are moving and I don't! I saw Ontario mentioned...does that mean Canada? Please forgive my not keeping up. I have had a wee problem lately...and my mind has not kept up with my bloggy friends. I think I am a bit overwhelmed at times.
Moving is so difficult. I have done it twice in the past year and a half. It is very stressful. Thank you for your sweet note on my post this morning..I am feeling icky.. :) but tomorrow should be better. You know how colds are! :)
Hugs and warm thoughts!

Deanna said...

Wishing I could be there to help you move. I'm a great sorter and packer! I know how much you have gone through to get to where you all are today but it is finally being realized and you and the family are going home.

My love,

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