Friday, March 27, 2009

irrevocable nature of man

There are some trivial and not-so-trivial things in life that I wanna experience and achieve but clearly, I don't have the time nor the resources to make it happen. My life is basically focused on my family, my work and the fact that we're just ordinary people living an ordinary life. I am not complaining; actually I am blessed and happy with the life I got right now.. yet sometimes I cannot help not to wish and daydream for more, which is considered an irrevocable nature of man..

There are times when I felt like experiencing and achieving things such as..

1. Taking a flight on impulse and have a family vacation somewhere without minding the airfare price and shopping spree allowance..

2. Watching Miss Saigon and Les Misérables on Broadway.. (does this still going on..?)

3. Sipping margaritas while lounging in our very own pool with my husband.. (whoa!)

4. Or simply reading my favourite novels while soaked in a warm tub in our very own en-suite.. Now I begun to really dislike the designer of our home again, why he let our master's bedroom bare of my much needed en-suite! **sigh**

5. Taking a helicopter ride around Shenzhen. There is one here but gee, i wouldn't dare spending my RMBY 4,000 for a single 30-min ride..!

6. Having my very own library at home complete with all the book collections in various genres from the works of my favorite writers / novelist; hard bound, neatly catalogized and stacked together in a floor to ceiling solid-oak book shelves. (hehe..)

7. Visiting art galleries and buying work of arts like original oil on canvass and Lladro Porcelain Collections..

8. Having the time and resources to visit food festivals in various countries; eating Mexican and other exotic foods and junks without worrying about adding extra fat to my already extra large tummy!

9. Pursuing my Master's and Doctorate Degree.
I'd actually completed the Master's Degree on Environmental Management and Master's of Science in Manufacturing Systems Engineering many months ago. 'Got really a commendable grades but the diploma was under my boss' name on behalf of our company.. (believe it or not. yeah, that bad..) Aww, I want my very own transcripts and diploma this time but the minimum tuition fees of over HK$70K would make us malnourished..!

10. Having a pilgrimage tour to the Holy Land and the Vatican in Italy with my family of course.

11. and finally, living for good in our home country without the worries nor the need to lean on greener pastures to hopefully reach contentment..

As I told you, these are just dreams which can or cannot be achieved.. I don't care much if not.. the important thing is I am happy with what I got. :)

Hmmmn, the art of daydreaming... :)
Come and join me, it's free..


mightydacz said...

wow tita loida ginagawa nyo rin pala yan ako naging libangan ko na yan dito sa saudi lol sana magkatagpo at magkita tayo sa ating daydreaming lol at napansin ko may mga similarities ang list mo sa mga gusto ko rin hay sana nga mahanap ko na dito ang magic lamp ni aladdin sa disyerto lol

The Pink Birdhouse said...

Loida, I can SOOO understand just what you are feeling right now. Daily life seems to take so much out of us, that there is nothing left for all the dreams that we have! I too so often think of things that I would like to accomplish in my life, fun things that would give joy and relaxation, but either lack of funds is to blame for us not being able to do it, or family/business responsibilites. I too am happy and content with what life has given me, but there are moments when I will let my mind wander and my heart dream of lovely wonderful things to do and see in the world. And I wonder why life must be so difficult at times. I am thinking of you, dear friend, and joining you in dreaming!!

Judith said...

There's no harm in dreaming and sometimes dreams do come true!! Judith

RJ said...

Kahit ako, nangarap na rin habang binabasa ko ito! o",)

Ang daydream number 9, 10, and 11 niyo ang gusto ko rin. U

Deanna said...

Hi dear Loida,
Dreams are there for us to imagine ourselves achieving those goals. Maybe some of them don't come true but it's they way our Lord directs us in our lives, that those dreams become either realized or put away because they are not right for us at that time.

I feel like I share a lot of what you wrote here. My aunt and uncle are presently vacationing in Rome and I know that they feel so differently about life when they return. I suppose it's the realization of being in an ancient city, in modern times and as my uncle has stated, "It's simply a stunning truth to know that Caesar, Cleopatra and Marc Antony oncewalked in this city." One of my dreams is to travel to Italy and visit my Godmother. I'd love to see her one more time. I dream about it. It might happen but if not, it was sure nice dreaming about it.....:D


The French Bear said...

You can dream anytime you want..... I call it survival in today's fast paced world. If you move to Canada you could pursue your education, there are lots of opportunities here to go back to school!
Margaret B

aurbie said...

You forgot a maid to clean all that stuff. We had a huge collection of books in our old house for about 4 years. I finally gave them all away and ripped the book shelves out of the walls. It was either hire a maid or put glass into the shelves. Both were too expensive.

When you see all these fancy houses in movies and magazines you never see anyone cleaning them. And when people are outside in those movies and magazines, where the heck are the bugs?

The realty is you can only sleep in one bed at a time, and sometimes your own bed can be a lot nicer than the bed of a millionaire, as far as getting sleep goes.

Be careful what you wish for. But when you get to Ontario, do put a dollar or two into a lottery ticket from time to time.

aurbie said...

That is reality not realty. Guess I should have kept that big dictionary book I threw out. Hehe.

Ken said...

Ate Loida, i can't help but smile kasi exactly the same ang wish ko sa numbers 2, 6, at 9. But the best is no. 11, exactly all Filipino expats and OFW's wished the same. Nothing feels the emptiness in living in a foreign land though we come to love them.

I wish wherever you go, maging happy ka pa rin lagi, kasi kahit kami meron din kami mga simpleng dreams sa buhay, and even simple lang mga iyon, we still doubt sometimes kung matutupad ba, but dreams makes us excited and inspired tow ork hard, right? hehehe

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Daydreaming has always been and always will be a beautiful way to while away time. I love your daydreams..and I think my favorite one is about your country. What a wonderful dream it be for it to come true. Having your own my next favorite. I have one..of sorts. :) Nothing to scream about..but it's mine and I love it. Daydreams...I love them.

Bonnie said...

Loida, I hope that someday you can go to the Vatican. We are not of the Catholic faith but we did visit there this time last year and loved it so much. It is a very special place with the beautiful St. Peter's Basilica and the Sistine Chapel. It is beyond beautiful and reverent and we will go back to see it when we go to Italy in December.

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

Dearest Mightydacz,
Hahaha sarap mag daydreams di ba? Pero naku, try not to find Aladdin's Magic Lamp, he would only pester us with 3 wishes. I got 11 so I'll end up wishing for more.. Better yet, let's all just wish for "CONTENTMENT" na lang.. Hehehe.. Miss you all.. Pls. take care always.. Care, Tita Loida

My dearest Debby,
Thanks for sharing the dreams with me.. Yes, daydreaming is kind of fun.. It relaxes me although some of it are just funny thoughts. Anyway, I am happy to know that even we lack the financial capacity to actaulize our dreams, we're still happy that we're leading a joyful life far better than those who have..

I'd been missing you my friend.. I am sorry for being late in replying and visiting..


Dearest Judith,
Thanks my friend for visiting. Hehehe some of my dreams are just crazy dreams just to relieve my stress. But thanks that you believed that some dreams do come true.. Have a safe and enjoyable weekend..

My dear Doc RJ,
Thanks a lot for dreaming similar dreams like mine.. It's a nice way to relax a bit. In your case, everything is possible especially the 9th. I hope you can reach this and both 10 and 11 too...Please take care always.. Care, Tita Loida

Dearest Deanna,
Thanks my friend for sharing some of my daydreams. Yes it has been my dream to visit the holy land and Rome since I was small. I always imagine how the people live during the life of Christ.
I'll meet you in your site in just a short while my friend.. Sweet hugs to you and regards to Marshall.

My dearest Margaret,
Thanks that you understand. It's no big deal.. I'm just trying to relax my mind from stress. And yes if we can be able to cope up well in there, I might consider studying again..
Nice meeting you and pls forgive me for not visiting you these past days.. Have a lovely weekend.

Dearest PATTY. hahaha..! thanks for waking me up and took me away from my dreams.. i don't mean to wake up in a millionaires' den.. never! that would ruin the meaning of 2L3Bs. Simple people having a simple life although we sometimes dream. our simple life is far better, with challenges and all but joy always lingers.. Daydreaming is just part of self relaxation, a kind of therapy for me.. heheh..
Miss you my friend.. Care, Loida


Dear Thoughtskoto,
Thanks for the kind comment and for sharing some of my dreams. I am highly touched by your good wishes for our forthcoming migration. We really need that because we're not really sure what will be our future there.. Thanks you so much. I admire you for having such a kind heart. Our best regards to you and your family. I know that in time, all your wishes come true..
Ate Loida


Dear MONA,
Thanks that you liked some of my dreams.. Yeah, it had been our dream to be able to live contentedly in our very own country but it seems no longer possible especially now that our economy is still in the process of recovering. Nice and sweet of you to share that you have such library in your home.. I love books and reading it. I hope that I could find a better place for my book collections soon like yours too. Thanks my friend. You are very kind..


My dear BONNIE,

Thanks for sharing my friend, you're so lucky to have a chance to visit the Basilica and the Sistine Chapel. I only watched that on TV and somehow, I wish I could also visit there with my family. Have a nice trip again in Italy on December. Please up-date us about it..

Anonymous said...

:) Hi!

I loved this post. I couldn't agree with you more. I love my life, but would love to just hop on a plane and go somewhere, with no money worries...get my Master's...

I think you have a great blog!

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