Monday, July 27, 2009

12:35 am

... and I'm still here wide awake.. just got back from work but still kind of restless. i am not that tired anyway so i decided to visit this highly neglected site and tried to figure out what to write.

i'd been missing my friends here. how i wish i could write more often as before.. hmmmn..

after the transition, we might say that our life here in canada is more solid. china could be considered as a nice place to be but we can never consider it as our final destination. although we highly miss and love china, that place cannot offer the comfort and security we are having right now.

tommorow would be our 3rd full month since our arrival here. during those almost 90 days of staying here, we can safely presume that we really made a wise decision to migrate. Thanks God we made it..


mightydacz said...

hello tita Loida welcome back to bloggywood....take care always

RJ said...

Wow! It's good to hear that Tita Loidz. U

Leslie said...

Hi, Loida! SO glad to hear from you! Been missing you but understand how busy life can be. I'm so glad everything is going well for you and family.

Have a great day!

Sardonyx said...

Ate Loida, I miss you na! Welcome back! I know how you feel right now, you may still be in a transition period pa or tambak ang work mo :-) take it easy and keep on blogging :-)

Queen-Size funny bone said...

I'm glad you are settling in nicely.

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

Nice to see you again.. haha, been missing you all!

Dear RJ,
glad to hear from you again.. yup life here is more wholesome.. we love it!


How are you my dear friend.. been missing you. hope life back there is better now that flowers are blooming and the sun shining.. cannot forget your winter blues up-dates many months ago. hope you're having a good time out there.

hello.. hehehe oo nga grabe dito, 11 hours ako nagwowork.. hehe.. ;)miss our easy life in china but i'm sure love it here. i'll try to catch up as much as i can.. miss you..

Thanks my dear.. we're enjoying the transition so far. take care..

The French Bear said...

Hey you, I am so glad you are okay, life must seem so different here!!!! I hope you are settling in well!!
Miss you,
Margaret B

Bonnie said...

Hi Loida I am so happy you are happy to have moved to Canada. What do you do at your new place of employment?

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

Hello again French bear, nice to know you are here in canada. isn't it great? nice to see your artworks..

dear Bonnie, thanks for dropping by. I'm now working in GCF Food Services Inc.(Ho Lee Chow) as Manager. After the sales and distribution of plating tanks and equipment in China and Hong Kong, here I am in Canada managing and selling this highly known corporate-owned chinese food products.. funny, huh?

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