Monday, May 25, 2009



To all our dear friends.. May I apologize for not been able to up-date you for nearly four weeks.. Migrating is such a major tasks. Please note that I'd been missing you all!!!

We had left Shenzhen China for good last April 27, 2009 via Japan. We were able to visit our family in Vancouver before we moved on to our final destination. Now we are settled and having the best times of our lives here in Ontario Canada.

2 days after we arrived, my husband had found a job in Aristokrat Restaurant as a musician while after 8 days, I became employed as store manager to GCF Food Services Inc. We are so thankful to God for this opportunity. We cannot thank the Almighty enough.

My dearest friends, I hope to up-date you as much as I can but living and working in Canada is highly different compared to China and Hong Kong. My work now is more challenging. I cannot use my time mostly to myself this time unlike before where I can up-date you as often as I want. Here I gotta work much harder. But don't worry, I will do my best to see you every night. You're all such important part of my life as always..

See you soon my dearest friends..


Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

OH my goodness..I was so delighted to see that comment from you! NO apologies are necessary. Everyone knows you are in the middle of a transition!
My email address is I was not sure which address you meant...?? You didn't mean my home address did you? Just in case, it is 8941 Concord Ave, Riverside, CA 92503.
I am just happy to see you are getting settled!

RJ said...

Wow! Congratulations for these achievements, Tita Loida! o",)

Bonnie said...

Congrats on a successful move to Canada. Good for you both in getting jobs right away and good ones too. That is so wonderful. Have missed your posts, welcome back!


Ken said...

hahaha, at namiss namin kayo!

It was a long time for followers like us here.

Congratulations for the new home and the new jobs!

We will be waiting for you in PEBA 2009.

Missy said...

I missed you Ate Loids! I hope you're doing better now and congrats you found a job that quick! I can't wait to read your post from Canada. Take care.

aurbie said...

Yea. Loida is back! We sure have missed you. Thanks for the email updates, though. At least I knew you were OK.

I can't imagine all the trouble moving to another country would be. It is hard enough to move to another house a few states away.

You look a little cold in those jackets. When does summer arrive there?

We are looking forward to seeing you rejoin our Friday shoot outs. Next week, the theme is water. So we hope you can find a water puddle or two in the area to show off.

Gotta run off out. Welcome back to the Blogosphere!

Amie said...

I am happy to see you again in the blogosphere, and I am glad to know you are finally settled in your new home and new job... congratulations! God is good all the time!!!

Debbie said...

congratulations! Did you like Niagara Falls? They are pretty amazing! And the weather this weekend is wonderful! Hope you enjoy life there ... keep your blog going ... I so enjoy it! Debbie

The French Bear said...

Yeah, you made it!!! Welcome to Canada!!! I am so happy you and your hubby found jobs already!!!
I have missed your posts! You need to give yourself a chance to settle in!!!
Margaret B

2 Dogs said...

Congratulations on your move and new jobs! It is good to hear from you. John took me to Niagara Falls last year. My first visit to Canada. I hope all continues to go well and you like it there.


Queen-Size funny bone said...

you do what you have to do and we will be waiting patiently. I've always wanted to go to niagra falls. I'll get there someday.

The Pink Birdhouse said...

LOIDA, oh my gosh, I was sooooo thrilled to see your comment on my recent post and know that things are okay with you and yours there in Canada. I have been missing you big time!!! I can only imagine how difficult the transition was for you, I have done it when I moved to Germany, but I was alone and had to worry only about myself. you have a whole family to settle in. So happy to hear that you found a job and hubby too!! No fretting about catching us all up on the latest, just worry about yourself and the rest will fall into place. We will be here when you have the time to post every once in a while. And we will very HAPPILY be reading about how life now is for you in Canada!! take care, dear friend, and sending a hug your way, Debby

Unknown said...

so glad to see you again!

Gordon said...

Loida, welcome back to the Shoot-outs. We missed you. You will see by the number of member links on my blog, that we have grown since you have been gone. Good to have you back!
Walk With Faith

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

P.S. I am ALWAYS struck at how beautiful your family is!

BlogusVox said...

Your lucky both of you found a job readily. Some migrants spend months before they are employed especially in this hard times. Take care and may you have a good time in your new home.

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

My dearest Mona,
Thanks a lot. I will be sending you something from niagara during our visit. This is such a clean and wholesome city. Thanks for being a good friend. God bless always..


Dearest RJ,
Thanks a lot. Been missing you. How are you na? Pls take care always..


Dearest Bonnie,
It seems so long.. I'll try to up-date you of our new life here as much as I can. Life here is really wholesome yet one has to work harder.. We are enjoying this nice city and hope you can come and visit.


Dearest Thoughtskoto,
Wow, ang tagal and I missed you all. Seems like I'd been away for so long and it's really nice to be back and see you all once again.. Regards to you and your family..


Dearest Missy,
I terribly miss the daily dose of your hula scoop and our trips to Japan trhough travelogue.. I only got the glimpse of Japan during our stop over. I had some photos and I'll post it later. Regards to you and your family. Take care always..


Dearest Patty,

Thanks a lot!! Yeah I would like to join the Friday Shoot Out this week. I just wonder what body of water here in Canada would Barry gonna show. We might be living side by side and might be shooting the same shots... hehe. Pls wait and see what I got n Friday my dear friend.. Miss you..

You're right, the weather here is really cold even on spring. And today, it's even raining and cloudy in the morning.

Have a nice day..


Dearest Amie,
Thanks a lot for welcoming me back.. It seems so long and I'd missed you all.. Have a joyful day ahead..


Dearest Debbie,
Yeah Niagara is really amazing. Such a wonder. Thanks for visiting..


Dearest Margaret,

Thanks so much for the welcome. Have a nice day my friend..


Dearest Patti Cakes,

Wow how sweet of John to have brought you to one of the best places to see. Such a wonderful experience looking at such a gigantic body of water formed that way..! I had bought some memorabilia. If you can e-mail me you address, I can send you some. Thanks a lot..


Dearest Queensize,
I hope your wish may come true and if it happens, pls e-mail me and I'll be most willing to see and tour you around. We'd been to many great places here and it's really nice.. See ya..


Dearest Debby,

I'd been e-mailing you but it always return to me. Pls send me your e-mail and postal address again. I miss you so much my dear friend. See you in your site in a short while..


Dear Becky,
Thansk so much.. Have a lovey day ahead..


Dearest Gordon,

Thanks so much.. I will be participating in the shoot out this Friday.. I had miss you all!!


Dearest Mona,

Thanks so much my dear friend. Maybe because we always smile and happy most of the time. You are one of my inspiration here...


Dearest Blogusvox,

We are highly thankful to God for the help, guidance and grace.. and for all the encouraging support from friends like you all..

aurbie said...

I forgot to say you sure look funny in all those clothes. Haha. Don't worry, you will get used to it.

It was so good to see your family again. You all look so happy.

A Scattering said...

You've found Niagara Falls already - just in time for the water theme. Good luck with your new life here Canada!

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