Saturday, August 01, 2009


i went home early from work today.. i was not really feeling well this morning that i thought i would never arrive home in one piece.

i'm not complaining though but this 12-hour job i got right now really stressed me out. the actual work is not that hard but the responsibility and the long hours in such a busy place would make anyone feel grumpy and tired.

i miss my 8-hour job in hong kong and china wherein the job mainly requires me to handle the sales, promotion and distribution of plating equipments and related stuff; full time in my office sitting in front of my computer and meeting customers to follow up deals. now that i shifted to food industry made me realized how lucky i was then..

i already got my OHIP Card (Ontario Health Card) last week but we don't have any family doctor yet so i was not able to see one today. i'll try to go to a nearby clinic tommorow for a check up. in a meantime, i'm here in bed and trying to recuperate. the dizziness and joint pains really struck me hard.

About the house? Well, we did not get it.. we tried to offer $213K but failed..


Heather Nicole said...

I am really sorry you didnt get the house - that is dissapointing news. I guess there is something better around the corner for you...

I hope you feel better!

mightydacz said...

hi tita Loida pagaling po kayo...

Ken said...

pagaling po kayo tita loidz.

Sardonyx said...

Ate Loids, I hope you're ok now. And I'm so sorry to hear that you didn't get the house. There should be a better house for you and a better opportunity. Better luck next time :-)

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

Dear Heather,
I highly appreciate your concern. We're still keeping our high hopes. This afternoon we had met a new agent and keep on finding the best house that we can afford. We got till November or we got no choice but to keep on renting.. **sigh**
I'm such lucky that I got you guys here to perk me up.. Thanks a lot!!


Dearest Mightydacz,
Thanks so much. I'm fine now. I'm deeply touched.. Ingat ka lagi ha..


Dearest Thoughtskoto,

Salamat for dropping by. Nakaka-touch mga comments nyo. Short but deeply felt. Salamat uli and kisses to babythoughts..


Dearest Sardonyx,
Yes I'm glad I felt better na. I was able to work again and feeling great after 2 days of rest. We were disappointed for a while about the house but then realized that maybe it's not for us.. We are still looking for the better deals and hopefully find it in time. Salamat and I'm highly thankful for the kindness.. Ingat ka lagi.. Care, Ate loida

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