Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Home Alone

Hubby and 2 sons are at work while my daughter will stay overnight in our niece and nephew's home and will come back tomorrow morning. In a meantime, here I am alone in our home and keeping up with my neglected friends on line.

It's my day off today. My hubby and myself had gone out this afternoon and meet up with a new house agent. He showed us a property near Dundas West. It's a high rise condo, the price is relatively low yet the maintenance fee is outrageously high. We love it at first sight considering that the interior design, the number of rooms and the area alone is really lovely but as mentioned, the maintenance fee is not acceptable. Just like paying two homes at a time which is a big turn off.

The rain pounded really hard while we're on our way to see the condo this afternoon. It was only awhile ago when I heard the news that tornado alert were being activated by Environment Canada and was downgraded to severe thunderstorms at 2 pm today. People were warned early this afternoon without us knowing it.. Gee, isn't that scary..?


BlogusVox said...

Nice to know you've settled down na. At first I thought you have set aside your blogging because of busy schedules. It was ages since your blog was updated. Anyway, welcome back, Ms.Loida!

Heather Nicole said...

That is scary! Tornados are one of my worst fears...right next to spiders!

Enjoy your alone time :D

Joanie said...

Ah, quiet alone time. I love it!

2 Dogs said...

A little 'home alone' time is good sometimes. I have my hubby 24/7 now since he's been sick. He got laid off this week. I know he wants to get back to work. Hugs

aurbie said...

Hello, my friend. My, it sounds like you are so busy. Me, too. We have almost 70 shooters getting to them is hit and miss. We used to be such a tight little group and things were so much more fun when we could all spend quality time together.

RG left us several months ago and no one has heard from her but others have picked up the slack.

I hope to have more time after Labor Day to catch up with all my friends.

Stay in touch. Hope the house hunting goes well.

Hello to everyone in your family from Maryland!

Sardonyx said...

hey, are you still home alone? I hope not ;-) I hope you're doin' fine now and found a better home for you and your family....keep us posted

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

How good to see you. I thought you were gone forever and then tonight I see a post! Yippee! :)

Amie said...

Hi Loida, it's nice to know that you seem to be settled down now and I am glad to read your post again...Welcome back friend!

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

blogusvox, thanks. nice to see you again..

heather nicole, hehe, one county here was hit by tornado few days ago.. and it's near us..

joanie m, yeah you're right.. tnanks my friend..

pat tahnks for dropping by.. hope your hubby is better now..

hello my dear patty, i'll try to be a part of the friday shoot outs later.. miss you a lot!! how's reggie girl?

not anymore.. they're back from work now .. hehehe, will be later tonight..

darest mona, miss you so much my friend.. i'll feature my home here soon for you.. God bless..

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

dear amie, hi thanks a lot for dropping by.. i'll up-date later.. ingat ka lagi.. bye..

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