Thursday, April 16, 2009

Friday's Shoot Outs: Native Foods and Restaurants

Shenzhen China like any bustling metropolis is a hub to various international cuisines. Since its opening up to foreign enterprise last decades ago, hundreds of foreign restaurants begun to sprout offering its own various specialties. There are lots to shoot about like the famous Steak from the West, The Nasi Goreng from Malaysia, Chicken Curry and Chapatti from India, Sushi from Japan, The Vietnamese Spring Rolls, Adobo from Manila, Tum Yum Kung from Thailand, and a lot, lot more which are just around the corner. You can taste it all here in Shenzhen..!
They got Pizza Hut here..

And even MdDonalds and KFC..

But in this Friday's Shoot Outs, what I wanna show is the authentic Chinese cuisine. NO EXTRA and here it is..

Within the vicinity of this Dongmen Area, you will smell and taste all the foods that you never seen before..

If you want to experience the most exotic food trip, try one of these..

Well known for their Super Hot Chilly Meals. If you're in for a super chilly meals, you must come and try this place.

Chinese Waffles. One of the best to try when walking around Dongmen.. It has different flavours such as chocolate, walnut, peanut and more..

This is not owned by Bruce Lee. They just want to benchmark their own style.. I just wonder what food has to do with the Karate Expert Sign..

Come to this place if you want to try their famous Ngau Lam Mien (Beef Noodle Soup)

Chinese Muslim Foodstuff famous for the Lamb and Mutton meals and known for the best Naan Bread and Roasted Chicken Legs.

Have you ever tried how Chinese Pizza would taste like? Come and join us..

This place offers the famous Chinese Hash Brown.. Gee, it really taste like chineseyy and it's too oily..

Cafe De Coral is a Chinese Franchise Restaurant offering chinese fastfoods such as shrimp dumplings, chinese doughnut and many more..

Hope you had enjoyed the exotic foods from China.. See you again next Friday friends and may you all have a happy and safe weekends ahead! Happy eating..


HalfCrazy said...

Wow! Is it just me or is there Chinese letters everywhere? LOL! It's even really great to know that you can eat Adobo in there! How awesome!

It's funny, some of those tusok tusok, we have 'em here! May fishballs at squidballs! Well, the Filipinos just copied from China when it comes to this!

Whoa, those Waffles, they are so mouth watering! Just amazing! Now I want some Chocolate! You're making me drool over these photos!

You're right, these are some exotic food! You really did a great job touring us and introducing those dishes!

Bagman and Butler said...

Between your shootout and Half Crazy's shootout...I know that I will have Chinese food for lunch -- although it can never be as good here as the real thing. Great color! I'll bet the taste is even better.

HalfCrazy said...

Oh, didn't you get some Tikoy, Mooncake, Hopia shots? Now I want a hopia LOL.

HalfCrazy said...

@B&B - Oh, you're sneaky, you must try Chicken Adobo. >:)

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

Beautiful Loida dear friend - what a smashing job you've done here and your theme this week was fantastic. I had a blast with this one (I do with ALL of them though, lol)!!
The color's are amazing and those shrimp dumplings??? I sooo want one or ten of those.
I do hope that you are feeling better and I'm sure your hot hubby catered to you while you were feeling badly.
You've outdone yourself here girl!!

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Ken said...

Ate Loida, sorry i got buried na sa 2009 PEBA project, sali ka ha! Plus the party for my one -year old sweetie. hehehe, Anyways, ang sarap ng mga foods, really!

You've been a very good blogger, informative and well-thought postings, I like it here truly. For that, and for being a faithful Thoughtskomentero, I am giving you 4 blog awards!!!

Missy said...

Ate Loida- I feel hungry when I saw your post. I like the squid balls and fish balls and the barbecue squids :-) I can't find some squid balls here so we just eat tako yaki every time we're craving for squid balls :-) China has a lot of variety food compared to Japan. Dumpling is like gyoza here. By the way thanks again for the greeting :-)

gigi said...

This was a wonderful idea for Friday Shoot out. Thanks for choosing it. BEAUTIFUL pictures. Me want some Chinese food right now, for breakfast! Yum!

A Scattering said...

How wonderful and colourful! Oddly enough the one that really caught my eye was the photo of the beverage bottles. I read on Patty's blog that you're moving to Ontario. I'm in Woodstock and it's currently 13 degrees Celsius and going up to 18. Woo-hoo, spring weather is here!

J9 said...

Loida, Thank-you for a great subject for this week. I've been waiting all week to look at your photos and I was enraptured by the pictures of everything I never see!

aurbie said...

I just knew your colors would captivate and salivate. With all on your "plate" getting ready to move to a new country in a few days, I am impressed by your presentation. This blogging can be work when you are not busy.

I think me want Chinese food for dinner tonight, too.

I love the shrimp dishes, and sticky rice is my favorite dish. You can do so much with it. I don't eat meat, but those photos would easily turn a veg-head into a meat eater.

Great job, Loida.

Have a nice flight. Can't wait to see what you send from Ontario.

Next Friday's assignment is open. Hope you can sneak in one or two photos.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I LOVE Chinese food...always have..but to be there and to taste the real thing...and so many choices...I would be in heaven!! The Chocolate waffles..looked fantastic! Anything with Chocolate to me is wonderful. What a great post this was today. But then yours always are!! I LEARN something everytime I visit...and I like that very much!
Your photo's are amazing..
What a great blog this is!!
You so a wonderful job!

Gordon said...

Well, thanks, Loida. Now, I gained twenty pounds today. I think I gained five of them from just looking at your food pictures.
No, seriously, your assignment was an overwhelming success. You are a beautiful person, especially in your heart. Gordon

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

What a fascinating post! Such interesting food....I am not much of an adventurous eater but my husband loves to try new things...

Thanks for sharing!

GigiSxm said...

mmmmmmm shrimp dumplings

Barry said...

Excellent photos.

Everything looks so delicious--and then we hit the chocolate sign! And I'm not allowed solid food until tomorrow!

Mervat said...

Oh those pictures make me ver hungry. Especially love the look of the chilli dish and waffles! Yum!!

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

Sorry late reply..Yeah the Best Western formerly Forum Hotel offers Adbo. It's kinda cool, noting that it's seldom a hotel offers that. The tusok tusok here are extra tasty. But we missed our own version.. Yeah you're right, they just copied it. Thanks for the visit. Hope you'll have a nice day ahead..


Dear Butler and Bagman,
Thanks a lot. Chinese are kind of famous with the colorful array of dishes.. And oily stuffs too. :)
See you in your site in a while.. A bit busy and I miss your site..


Dearest Half Crazy,
Hehehe, not tikoy and mooncake day yet. It would be on October and I promise to feature that when i come back here that date.



Thanks so much for making our Fridays more exciting!! Without you and Patty, there will be no fun like this..
Ohhh I hope you really mean it when you said you and Prince would gonna visit China. That would be a blast! What about tommorow? Come and hop to your nearest BA and I'll gonna treat you to Yamcha, where all the bits and pieces of all the delicious chinese foods are being served in carts. I hope you can make it before April 27. Or during my return on September, you, me, Patty, Debby, Missy and the rest of the shoot outs participants coming back here and take a vacation? How's that?


Dearest Thoughtskoto,
Ok sige sali ako.. Thanks. How's the birthday celebration of the beautiful Baby Thoughtskoto? Thanks for the awards. May I apologize when I frequently disappears these past few days.. been busy.. Have a lovely day wioth you family.


Dearest Missy,
Thanks so much for visitng. Psensya na minsan di ako makadalaw at maka-reply. I'll do better next time. Kind of busy. Myself and the kids preferred the Tako Yaki.. So good! We'll have our stop over in Tokyo on Monday. We'll try to take some of your favourites.. Hope to see you, hehe


Dearest GIGI,

Yeah this Fridays Shoot Outs is really fun. Please join us. Patty and Reggie Girl had started this and thanks to this kind-hearted Girls for keeping our blood running every Fridays! Thanks for visiting and I'll visit you soon..


Dearest Elaine Dale,

Yes, the softdrinks here in China is kind of different from Hong Kong and the rest of the world. Different strokes for different folks, eh?
We'll be in Mississauga by Monday. I presume your ton Woodstock is really interesting place. It reminds me of the Woodstock Concert in the 60's. Have a nice day my new-found friend.


Dearest J9,
Tahnks for being so kind. May I apologize because I tried harder to get into your post recently but to no avail. I'm not sure why. I guess I'd have to modify my webpage or something. Anyway, thansk so much again for the inspiration. You're one of the best here in the blogsland..

My dearest PATTY,

Pls. forgive me, I used different computer, no mention nor photo of you and Reggie Girl this shoot out.. hehe.. I'm so bad.. Sorry..

Oh great that you liked my photo shoot outs. I always noted your liking for sticky rice. Please my friend, I hope you and Reggie Girl could come and visit Hong Kong and China if not this month but maybe when I return on September for the HK Watch and Clock Fair! That would be exciting. I'll gonna treat you to Yamtsa and roam around. What a dream..

Dearest Mona,
You're such a sweet friend. Please join us in our Friday's Shoot Out. It's kind of fun.. Have a nice day my dear friend and your site always provides me with the encouragement and inspiration I always longed for..


Dearest Gordon,

Thanks so much for the lovely comment. May I apologize if sometimes I am so busy and not replying. Pls let me finalize our travel then I promise to come to visit you all. You're all such wonderful people and I am not so good enough. I'll take more time very soon.. Have a lovely time and God bless to you and lovely family...

dear Mrs. Rabe,
Thanks for visiting my site. It's good to know that you liked it and that your husband like to try new things. Maybe you could find the chance to travel and visit Hong Kong and China. It would be lovely.. Have a nice and safe week ahead..


Dearest Gigi Sxm,

Yeah the shrimp dumplings are so good here.. Hope I could share some to you.. Have a nice day ahead.. Thansk for visiting..


Dearest BARRY,
You made that comment on the 19th.. Meaning you're actually enjoying your solid food by now..!! Whoa, I'm sooooo happpy for you my dearets friend.. meaning the operation has been successfull!! Thanks and please note that we care a lot and our prayers for you lingers. Have a super happy week ahead..


dearest Mervat,

Ohhh you're back.. Hope you had a wonderful vacation..Thanks for droppin by my friend.. Have a lovly day..

The Pink Birdhouse said...

Hi Loida, it seems that it has been ages since I have come on over to visit with you. I don't know how the days get away from me, but suddenly I am falling into bed at night and I did not get half the things accomplished that I set out to do. And visiting every one of my friends in blog-land is one thing I try to do every day, but some how I just don't manage it.

I loved your shoot out. I can not imagine the time it took you for you to get all those pictures and then upload them into your blog! You amaze me, with all that you have to do, getting ready to move soon, and giving us all a great post of the food there in China. It looks delicious! And your photos are great!!!! take care, hugs from here, Debby


Melissa Miller said...

These are awesome photos!
I'm hungry now! :)

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Ok..I just found my special note. I feel better. :) Hugs to you my friend!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Just checking in...Hugs.

Bart Tolina said...

Punta kayo sa blog ko at may libreng pagkain!

Amie said...

Dearest Loida, it seems like forever since your last blog, can't wait to read your first post from Canada. I hope you & your family are all doing very well.

God bless you & your family!

Deanna said...

I am missing you terribly! I'm wondering how you are doing and if you are able to look at your blog. I've been sitting here with your gift box for two months not knowing if I should send it to the address you had or if I should wait until I hear from you.

I hope you and the family are doing well. I do hope that you are already in Canada and making a home sweet home there. Please come back soon.

Your friends forever,
Deanna and Marshall

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