Thursday, April 09, 2009

My Hometown: Shenzhen + Europe

Brace yourself folks! This could be a very long post. This Friday's "My Hometown Photo Shoot Out" would be a blast for me.. We'll be leaving my town soon and I guess I need to cherish this photos as much as you do...

My dear PATTY of Crisfield and Reggie Girl mentioned that GingerV was next in line to pick the subject of this Friday's Shoot Out.

GingerV wrote:
"Here is what we will be shooting: The main four corners, the traffic / cars / people / street vendors / store fronts / alleys /trash bins of the main parts of main street that are your town.."

And as a bonus, may I take you to SHENZHEN and EUROPE at the same time..

Let me welcome you to Dong Le Hua Yuan (Dongle Garden), our home for over a decade. Let me show you why I always admire our backdoor and nearby alleys with its trees and pave roads leading to various places like supermarket, recreational parks and the Main Roads adjoining the newly built freeways..

The people that built Shenzhen and why it became what it is today.. And we're part of it..! (Gee, we're paying our taxes here, so why not..?)

When I came to work and live in Shenzhen in 1994, I never thought that Trash/Garbage Bins shall be introduced here. Wayback then, roads and alleys were sure to make you go back to where you belong. I'm glad we had stayed. Shenzhen now is far better than most developed countries we used to admire and garnering awards as one of the cleanest and environmentally-friendly city. Now every streets has its dual bins as well as bins in every blocks in our home..

You can find these street vendors around the area every Sunday. The Urban District although really strict on controlling hawkers are giving them free time on Sundays to push people to spend more and keep the economy moving..

Shenzheners preferred the imported variety despite of having their very own brands.

Let me show you the wonders of living in a place where language is a barrier.. Check this out and tell me exactly what they are selling..

Kind of lucky when I get this photo, not so busy this time of the day.. But come office hour and I bet you'll gonna swear why you took this route..

Stop, Look and Listen..


See the above Road Sign and locate where the Tai An Road East would lead you.. Straight ahead and you'll be in the direction of the Wutong Mountain as seen below..

I'm not kidding folks.. At the back of that mountain is a road leading to a pictureque view of Shenzhen and on top of it is EUROPE. Look below and tell me where these shots were taken from.

The above European-inspired architecture is part of my town noting that it adjoins the Road where I live. The European Theme Park is among the highlights of the OCT Interlake Hotel located in the toppest part of the mountain. And my hubby's Entertainment Company had supplied the Bands there.. Isn't it fun?

See for yourself the beauty of my hometown: and

Thanks to you all for keeping up with my very longggggg photo shoot out. I hope to keep up with the town shoot outs later when we finally found our next town we can call our own.. But opps, our home in Baras is still intact. We'll be there to visit and I intend to show it to you later on..



PATTY of CRISFIELD and REGGIE GIRL of NEWMAN had chosen me to choose the subject for the next Friday's Shoot Out. Thanks Girls.. I had chosen


Any town cannot be considered completely beautiful and worthy to visit if that town failed to offer it's own native food, drinks and a place to hang out, right? So I'm choosing the photo shoot outs of Bars, Restaurants, Entertainment and Recreational Areas including the Food and Drinks it serves.

See you again next week my dear friends..

Smiling as always,


mightydacz said...

wow thanks for the tour again.

Leslie said...

What a wonderful tour, I enjoyed it to the very end.
Blessings to all of you, my friend !

Cheryl said...

So different from Beijing, more natural, less intimidating. Wish I'd been able to see Shenzhen when I was in China.

Amie said...

Hi Loida these are very nice shots, feels like I've walked in that part of the world just by looking at the pictures.

I am looking forward to the next tour...

aurbie said...

Where is Oprah?

This is just stunning, and what a wonderful tribute to the town you are leaving behind.

I love it all, especially the mountains and the woman with the cart. And that first garbage can is a hoot.

This is so much better than those stuffy old travel brochures. I love our town shoot outs! And when I say "our" I mean all of us. Shame on you for just putting Patty and Reggie Girl on the banner. You have been with us since the beginning. We are all family now, and it is everyone's shoot out.

Super duper job, Loida. I will come back this weekend (more than once) and take another trip.

Deanna said...

Wonderful post Loida! The photos are so beautiful and I truly loved the photos of the vendors. I need to do a post of S.A. and take some of you to the Alamo!

Deanna :D

dot&co. said...

hi ate Loida! wow, para akong nabalik sa Dong Le Garden ah, pati ung Dong Hua Park entrance, hehehe! We really need to schedule our next visit, bago man lang kayo makaalis [sigh!] kakalungkot naman! Kelan na pala alis nyo? Me sked na ba? Di na ba talaga kayo mapipigilan? hehehe!

We'll be seeing you!

Grande, Dot & Gabe

HalfCrazy said...

Haha, I scrolled down and you weren't kidding when you said this would be a long post! Ah well, it's filled with interesting photos from you anyway, Ms. Loida! :)

It's sad that you're leaving this place but at least it will be fresh in your memory! And you have photographs with you!

Shenzhen really reminds me of some parts in Manila. But of course, Shenzhen is spic and span compared to Manila's trash everywhere LOL.

I really enjoyed your post even if it's long! It's worth reading and looking at everything! :)

HalfCrazy said...

Great idea for a topic by the way, I'll start shooting some photos!

Bagman and Butler said...

Wow! Everything looks so clean...but of course, with trash cans like that there is a no reason to litter. Fantastic shoot! So next week is native food? Hmmm. This could be a challenge!

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

WOOT, WOOT always smiling Loida!!! Now, I'm smiling as well :)
Love it, love it, love it. I want some of whatever that vendor is selling and I want to ride in that cart that the nice lady is pulling with Bagman, lol.
The shot of the mountain range is breathtaking and I love the fancy rubbish bin, hehe.
I think your header was sweet this week.....I guess Patty and I did kind of orginate it but you and a few other's have been here since the 2nd or 3rd week since we began. Maybe Ellen will call us since Oprah won't????
Maybe we can all get together for that fancy cocktail party with George Cloony. And by the way.....I get first dibs on a kiss with George and I'll fight any of you for it. Yep, you read it right....I said f~i~g~h~t, lol.
Have a blessed Easter dear friend and.......

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Barry said...

I'm just in awe of these photos! What a blend of nature and elegance, with the environment and architecture working perfectly together. There are trees in every shot!

Missy said...

What a lovely tour of Shenzhen especially the European style of buildings and houses. Your streets are really busy unlike in here :-) I bet you'll probably miss Shenzhen when you move out. I didn't know that there are lots of Filipino bands in China (are they mostly Filipinos too?).

By the way, we have Jusco Mall too and that's the only mall that we've been going to (almost every week)since it's just a 15 minute away from home.

GingerV said...

This blog is great - I got the impressin of a town clean, and cared for - hike (walking) and bike routs and cars not given priority. very nice.
I have found myself wondering this morning about who all these participants are. our blogs are in English but what other languages are spoken, where are you all from... maybe we can do a Fridya - my town where I was born - blog.....

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

That cart you were pretending to pull was beautiful!! What a great tour you gave us. I am finding keeping up with this blogging a full time job. Goodness! Everything looks so...clean and neat. Not so in the US in many parts. That gold sculpture was amazing. I would have thought something like that to be too modern for was NOT! Gorgeous.

gigi said...

This is my first week on the Friday Shoot outs and I'm excited to join this group! I'll get better with time I hope :)

Long or not, I loved all these pictures. I look forward to next weeks picts.

Happy And Blessed Easter!

Gordon said...

What a beautiful town you live in! You have done a great job of magnifying its beauty through your camera. I'm glad to be in the group with you. Nice choice for next week! Gordon

2 Dogs said...

Very lovely photos but I love the trees the most. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Hope you have a great weekend. I am going to my mother's on Sunday for Easter dinner. Maybe I'll take a picture or two.

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

Hi everyone.. I'd been absent for quite a while..

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

I hope you could join in our Photo Shoot Out. It would be lovely to see Saudi Arabia through you.. Have a Happy Easter tommorow..
Care, Ate Loida


Dearest MS. LESLIE,

Thanks a lot for dropping by and took the tour with me to my home town.. Hope to see you again next week for the Native Food and Restaurant Shoot Out. Although you don't join the shoot out, your usual mind trips you used to brought us is more adventurous.. Have a wonderful Lenten Season. May it be more meaningful as always.


Dearest CHERYL,
Oh nice to know that you'd been here in China. Shanghai is quite far from Shenzhen. I hope you were able to visit this young metropolis. You'll be surprised how fast it changed over the years..! I hope you could join the shoot out and show us your town too.. Have a nice day my friend..


Dearest AMIE,
Thanks fro taking the whole trip to our town. I hope you really enjoyed it. I would now be showcasing it after April 26 but please come and visit our Shoot Outs for the Food and Restaurants.. Amie, I hope you could join too. This is sure fun! Have a nice day my friend. Happy Easter!


Dearest PATTY,
Hahaha, that woman in the cart is so tired but very much happy to shoot the photos of our town..! Thanks to you and Reggie Girl, you always made our weekend more exciting..!
Please let's keep the banner that way because you two really started this..I really love this my friend. I'm excited about the next shoot out..Have a Happy Easter..


Dearest DEANNA,

Oh my dearest friend, please join us.. We would really love to take a tour with you to TEXAS..! Dear Patty, Reggie Girl, Barry, Bagman and Butler and all of us who participated would gonna love to see you join us.. !This would make your week even more exciting.. Hope to see you next week... Opps, actually, see you again tommorow.! Hope your Easter would be more spiritually enhancing than ever. Best regards to Marshall..


Dearest DOT,

Thanks for dropping by. We would also miss you a lot! Yes, we're planning to invite you and all our friends here before we leave. We'll update you later when the schedule were already fixed. We'll be leaving on April 26.. See you later. Hugs to you, kisses to Gabe and regards to Grande..


Hahah, you always made me laugh.. Thanks so much for taking time to take a very long tour with me to Shenzhen. I'll be glad to join you to your tour of our beloved Manila. Dirty as it might, but it will always be our very home sweet home.. Gosh we really miss Manila.. Thanks for sharing your photos and insights about our country.Have a happy Easter our dear baby Halfcrazy.


Dearest BUTLER and BAGMAN,

Thanks guys for finding our town clean and for taking the tour with me. I'm sure yours would be the best one. I'm so excited to see your photo shoot outs this week and the coming weeks ahead.. Have a lovely Easter.



Ohh, that lady in the cart really had so much fun! Thanks to you and dearest Patty and to all the good people here who had joined and always inspiring me and keep up the excitement..! You can have all the kisses from George Clooney as long as you take your hands away from Brad Pitt during the cocktail party!Have a lovely Easter too and your Prince..


Dearest BARRY,

I would love to see your town as always. You are one of the reasons why this photo shoot outs became more exciting.. Thanks so much my dearest friend. I hope you could find the chance to visit this place in the future. The OCT Interlaken here would really love to showcase the beauty of God's creations blended with the aesthetic works of man. Have a very happy Easter to you and your family..


Dearest MISSY,
Hello my favourite Hulahooper.. You always made me smile. Yes, we have Jusco here, actually just few steps away from our home. We love buying our foods there. Always fresh, safe and quality controlled as ever.. yes, we got Filipino Bands here.Hope your Easter Celebration would be worthwhile. Care, ate loida


Dearest GingerV,
Oh my gosh! I would love to showcase my hometown where I was born..! Please advise all the participants and Patty and Reggie Girl. They might also love your idea..Thanks for making this shoot out so much fun..!
Happy Easter to you..


Dearest MONA,
Happy Easter my dearest friend. I'm so glad that you are always here to cheer me up and making our shoot outs more meaningful. Yes, the cart is really lovely and good thing that my son shot my photo on it.. The sculpture is a kind of signature object to promote the Interlaken Hotel. That lake is really breathtaking. You could take a boat ride to get to another area... I hope you can join to our shoot out. Thanks again and see you in your beautiful site in a a short while.


Dearest GIGI,
Thanks a lot for joining.I hope you could continue keeping us awed with your lovely photos of your town.. Have a lovely day and Happy Easter..


Dearest PAPA and MEMA,

Thanks for taking the tour with me to my home town. You are also among those great and kind people here who made this Photo Shoot Outs more exciting. I am highly anticipating your weekly Friday Shoot Outs!! Have a lovely day and happy Easter to you and your beautiful family.. God bless.


Thanks for dropping by. Yes I also love the trees in our town. I hope you will have an enjoyable Easter Dinner with your mom and family. Have a Happy Easter Celebration my friend..

HalfCrazy said...

Exactly! I don't care even though it's so polluted already LOL. I was born and raised in Manila, why not die in here too, hahaha!

BlogusVox said...

Thanks for the tour, Ms.Loida. One thing I also noticed is a district in Shanghai where almost all the architectures are european in style. Akala mo tuloy wala ka sa Tsina.

J9 said...

Loida, Thank you for sharing your town with us! I found the European Architecture to be very interesting, though I don't know why it was so unexpected>

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

Dearest HalfCrazy,
Hehe, you're still too young to think about that modbid thoughts. Manila would not be Manila if it is not polluted. I guess it's one of the best reasons why people from the province loves to migrate there. They love the smoke, the pollution and the dirt. Hehe..


Dearest Blogusvox,
Thanks for dropping by. I haven't been to Shanghai yet but I read that it was inhabited by French and Englishmen during the war.


Dearest J9,
Thanks for the visit. It was kind of unexpected because it was created in the middle and tallest part of the mountain. The archtecure is the actual replica of the Interlocken in Europe. See you in your site in a short while..

Anonymous said...

excellent points and the details are more specific than elsewhere, thanks.

- Norman

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