Thursday, April 02, 2009

Backyard Wild Life Photo Shoot Out

As Butler and Bagman suggested, the photo shoot out today is supposedly Wild Life. Patty added that it shall be wildlife in our backyard, so here it goes..

Take a little walk and you'll see the entire building where we live..

This is the photo of our building, and if you look up in those trees especially in the morning, you will see and hear these lovely Wild Birds chirping and playing among the leaves..

As I had mentioned many times before, we are living in a flat so unlike the detached homes in the suburb, there are no wildlife here like rabbits.. Here's how our backyard in China looks like:

I am telling you this because if you will look closely at the red soil below the tree, that was where I got this slimy photo of the Shenzhen Wild Worms:

After successfully taking the photo of the slimy worms, I went back home to get ready to travel to my office. And when I was walking, I got the photo of this stray dog along my way.. Stray could mean wild, right? So consider this lovely little dog the Wild Doggie of Shenzhen:

If you'll visit our home, don't go near this tiled garbage bin. They might look lovely to you but when you look inside, you'll gonna end up meeting this Shenzhen Wild Rat..

Other than this wilds living side by side us, I can't think of any more until I saw variety of exotic wildlife in the cages of a nearby restaurant.. Chinese loves to eat exotic animals such as snakes, scorpions, bettles and other reptiles. I also saw there some exotic variety of fish. I'm not sure how to call it but it all looks scary to me..

These are the wildlife near my backyard.. Some of them looks slimy and yucky but if you will try to study deeply, you'll realize how they are being affected by the modern-day constructions causing the degradation, destruction and disturbance of their natural habitats..

Shenzhen China is a home to thousand variety of flora and fauna. I guess Shenzheners must learn the value of sustainable development.


Veronica said...

Hi Loida - GREAT post, I loved seeing all your 'WILD' backyard animals in Shenzhen - and just so good to see where you live right now. Hugs to you my friend, Vxx

RJ said...

o",) Nakarating ulit ako sa Shenzhen! Salamat sa mga photos, Tita Loida.

[Ako po rito tuwing umaga 'pag labas ko ng bahay, at habang nagda-drive mga hares ang nakikita ko at mga patay na foxes. Sa Queensland noon mga kangaroos marami. Mahirap nga lang kumuha ng photos kasi ang bibilis nilang tumakbo.]

Bagman and Butler said...

Great wildlife...particularly the mandala of worms. Simultaneously gross, appetizing, and spiritual.

aurbie said...

What a great shoot. I love the worm idea. That is using your head.

I feel sorry for the rat. He looks hurt. I am such a push over for animals. He sounds like he could be mean, though. Would not want to run into him.

Thanks for joining us again, It is so nice to be able to share cultures this way, How much we learn about each other. And it all good!

You take care. How is the packing going?

2 Dogs said...

Worms..........ick! I like them in my garden but I hate to look at them. LOL

Amie said...

Very interesting subjects...worms, rats and worm-like fish are yucky to me, but you made the rat look cute, hehehe! Very nice..

Loida of the 2L3B's said...


Thank for loving the photos of the animals in our backyard. It sure is exciting to see and how to find them. Thanks to Butler, Bagman and Patty. They made me dug the worms.. :)


Dearest Doc RJ,

Oh my gosh, nice to see you again! OK enjoy our Shenzhen while it last.. we wouldn't be here soon.. Kangaroos are really fast.. I saw some when I was there.. Naku e bakit namamatay sila? Kawawa naman.. Hope you could do something, doc.. Take care always..
Care, Tita Loida



Such a nice treat from you.. Hehehe.. Now I realized how slimy the worms are.. Please show us your wildlife.. I'd been anticipating what you could offer us.. Patty got the wildest bird.. I supposed?


Yeah really ..icky! I gotta take a pail of water because the soil is so hard to dig, then when the soil is wet and softer, dug it before finding the worms.. So mean of me to disturb them..

Thanks for dropping by..


Dear AMIE,
Oh yes, i found it really interesting.. i fell in love with the rat and felt sorry too.. I had invaded his privacy.. hehe..

Cheryl said...

Hi Loida, thank you for stopping by and leading me back to your blog. I always enjoy making new friends. And thank you for your kind comments. Talking cure...yes! It did help, I have to say. It's strangely comforting to know others understand. Or maybe the sharing and the connection help to make my so called problems seem like less of a problem. And thank goodness I do feel better, cough-wise and emotionally. Life is too awesome to stay down for long. BTW, are you Filipino?

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

Dear Cheryl,

Nice of you to come back to me very soon.. Yes we're Filipino yet resident of many countries.. hehe.. we're here as resident of China now and later next month, hopefully we'll be in the initial stage of becoming a canadian.

I'm so glad that talking cure works for you. In order to have this kind of therapy before, one has to pay a therapist. Glad that there's this blogsite now. Anyone can jot down all their heartaches and pains and viola! lots of encouraging support, prayers and assistance will come to you instantly for free.. There are so many good people out there and I am mighty glad I encountered this site. I hope you feel the same too.

Please take care always. It's really nice to have met you.. Have a happy and safe weekend ahead.

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

Dearest PATTY,

Thanks that you liked my wildlife shoot out..
You really made me dug the worms and invade the privacy of the rat.. hehehe..

I am really thankful that you initiated this Friday Shoot Outs. Kind of "let me see yours and I'll let you see mine.." It's really exciting..

Your wildlife are really good. I can see exactly what's lacking here.

The packing is fully done and we're ready to take off anytime soon.

The problem is I still got to resign from my work. This is the hardest part.. I mean emotionally.. I thought packing is the hardest, i was wrong, uprooting is. 'been here for over a decade. :(

Psychonaught said...

Greetings from Scotland. I'm glad to have you all along as followers; please spread the word about my wee blog,
Blessings (esp. to fellow hippies!)
Sean Urquhart AKA Psychonaut

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Wow..Loida...for not living in a place where there are lots of birds and wild life like most of our Eastern neighbors do here in the did GREAT! I still have not done one of the special days yet. I always find out about it after the day has passed or am just oblivious to it until I see people blogging about it. :) Just figures, doesn't it??
Smiles and hugs~

Barry said...

Like B&B I liked the slimy worms the best, but I also loved the graceful curve of the tree with the green building behind it.

Very well done.

Gordon said...

Hello Loida, Your Shoot-out post is terrific. We have lots of those worms in Florida, as well. It is good to share thoughts and pictures from someone far away, especially when they are as genuinely kind as you seem to be. Gordon (Papa)

Mervat said...

Hi Loids. I don't think it can get much wilder than that! Great photos.

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

Loida, you are hilarious!! I love the shot of that "wild doggie". The worms....well like Butler and Bagman says, kind of wierd yet appealing all at the same time.
GingerV has chosen next weeks subject and I have it listed at the bottom of my post today. This is so fun isn't it? No rules, just showcasing our beautiful towns that we are so proud of. Thank you for showing us your awesome world Loida. You ROCK lady :)

Steady On
Reggie Girl

The Pink Birdhouse said...

Loida, GREAT pictures. I love them because they are so close up. And the others show how it looks where you live. Loved them the best!! Thank you for all your warm wonderful comments on my posts. It always makes me smile to see your name at the top of the comment!! It is as if you have been at my house for a little visit with me, sharing a cup of hot tea and having a good chat with each other! :-) Hugs, Debby

HalfCrazy said...

Very interesting photos! At least you managed to take a picture of that bird in the barks of a tree!

Those Earthworms are disgusting but great shot LOL. I just really hate weird looking stuff!

That doggie is so cute! The Wild Rat is very interesting LOL. It looks so plump!

Missy said...

Good thing you were able to take picture of the bird in the tree, nice snap shot! But the slimy worms....yucky!! I can't stand it :-)

By the way, I did post for this photo shoot out but I only have "wild birds" hahaha

GingerV said...

I enjoyed your post. I am a little different as I did not enjoy too much the slimy worms.... I like very much the last fish photo - him looking at you through the glass - do you think he knows he's on the menu?

Sarah Siwicki said...

The fish were pretty neat to see, and that 'wild dog' was too cute :)

J9 said...

The worm picture was cool, and I don't think I'd be able to get that close to a wild rat.

BlogusVox said...

When we were in Shenzhen, all I see are tall buildings and wide roads but very few people. But our tour guide said its population is more than 6M but most are working in the factory.

Para rin palang pinoy ang mga chinese. Banat lang ng banat sa construction w/out considering the nature side. Bakit hindi tayo gumaya sa Hapon?

Debbie said...

Great series of photos ... thanks for sharing!

aurbie said...

Hi Loida,

Just checking in to see how things are going with you. I have so much caching up to do but by the time I play catch up I am back to playing catch up again. It never ends.

Wow! You will be leaving so soon. I am glad that your package is still here. I don't think it mattered if it got lost (although my husband does - you will find out why when you get it) but I will wait until you get your new address to send it. I want to mail yours and Reggie Girls at the same time.

Take care, my friend. See you next week on Main Street.

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

Dear Debbie,
Hi thanks that you liked my wild life.. Opps, not my life but the photo shoot out..

My dearest Patty,

You know what? I always felt lonely when you don't visit. hahaha.. I know it's bad of me to impose so much of your time but every morning when I open my site, I always come to your place right away. I tend to visit all the good girls in the blog land.

I am already excited to see what's inside the package. Thank you my good friend for the thoughtfulness. Anyway, I'll be somewhere quite near you before the end of this month. I am happy yet lonely too. You know what I mean.I had e-mailed you this morning. I hope you got it.

Take care my friend and hello to your hubby. See you again tommorow..

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

Dearest Psychonaut,
Thanks for dropping by. Gee, I'd been to your site, it's really far out! Reading your post is like putting me in a box without hole, shook it, rattled and yeah that's the feeling.
Which part of the galaxy were you born? You're kind of different. I like it.


Dear Papa and Mema,
Nice to see you and pls see my comments on your site.. Thanks and hope to see you again soon.


Dearest Mervat,
You mean you preferred disecting cadaver than looking at my wilds? hahaha.. Thanks my friend.


Dear Missy,
Hehehe, yeah it's really slimy. But it's really exciting to shoot at the worms..


Yeah the birds are really wild and the worms are really yucky..


Dear GingerV,
Thanks for visitng. See you in your My Town Photo Shoot Out.


Dearest MONA,
Yeah I understand what you mean. Your visit means a lot..

Dearest BARRY,
Thanks a lot. It's not a building, it's a garbage bin.. Hahaha!

Miss you DEBBIE.. I'll meet you in your site in a while.. I'll comment there..


Dear J9
Thanks for dropping by. Kind of late reply. See you in the next shoot out..

Dear Blogusvox,
Nice to know you'd been here.. Yeah they still got a lot to know..

Dear Debby,
Thanks for taking time looking at my wilds.. See you again soon..

Have a great day everyone.. This is kind of rush replies.. You're all important to me.. See you later..

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