Sunday, November 30, 2008

quick birthday bash before take off

It's my birthday today... the greatest gift i got is pa's presence and his effort to cook native stuff for my special day.. and of course a lot more.. he took his time off from work just to be with me.. he gave me the jacket i really want to have, celine dion's enchanting perfume collection and complete season of a series Mistresses plus stephen kings' DVD collections. He really knows what i like.. I'm a collector of various wholesome american series ie.: desperate housewife, brothers and sisters, etc; and movies of famous writers i admire most. i love you pa..

I also would like to thank my children for being with me, for the good wishes and of course the presence of our extended family here: jera, laila, amy, susan and leah while some were not able to come. Their work location is quite far but they always remember my birthday and their good wishes always warm my heart.. thanks and i love you all..!

We're supposed to celebrate my birthday at 12 midnight but myself and pa were too tired so we had the candle blowing just this morning with my two sons and love ones.. our daughter is in her boarding school but she had sent her loving wishes thru phone and FS.

At 8 am we are all here celebrating and laughing our hearts out, as we usually do whenever we get together.. we have such a heartwarming bunch of extended families here.. Thanks God for all the blessings..

This is such as quick bash.. I'll gonna post down my birthday celebration photo in our friendster site:

i'm quite sad though, got a flight to catch for vietnam business trip at 1450 today.... :(

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