Friday, November 28, 2008

battery operated..

I'm supposed to be on my way now to work. Every Saturday, I am expected to make a sales report in our Hong Kong Office. It's 7:57 am here now and the travel would require me at least 1.5 hours to get to my office on time.. Shenzhen and Fotan in Hong Kong where my office is located is not that far but the human traffic in the immigration oftentimes delayed me..

And today I'm sure I'll be very late... this terrible battery-operated water heater in our infamous T&B doesn't work.. Damn, it's 11 C and the water is freezing! I wish I could swear more the way Stephen King does in his novels, but really I hate it when this China-made products disappoints me, and the rest of the 2L3Bs when they get up from slumber..

'Gotta wait till pangyaw (our housemaid) arrive to get me a new battery.. or repair man perhaps?


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