Friday, November 28, 2008


at exactly 10:01 am, I finally arrived in my Hong Kong Office.. Thanks God..

When i got here, my officemate's 6-year old son is playing next to my office table. Every Saturday, we are free to bring our children to our office; actually any day as long as they won't disturb our productivity. This is one of the good thing about working in this family-oriented company, it's like working in a home away from home..

Anyway, the reason why I mentioned sheila's son being here next to me is because I still remember, I was 29 when I started to work in this company. I was the only one who's married and has 3 children among my officemates near my age. I also brought along my children with me when they were small and all of them including my bosses, although some were already gone while the best buds are still here, were all fascinated and awed at my children. Up to now they often complemented my children's features saying how beautiful and handsome they are.. (my ears usually flapped with pride..) thanks pa for the good genes..hehe

I am a very proud mom of the 2L3Bs, but this is not my point, the point is I am 44 years old now and I'm still here.. 14 years older and here we are, my lovely officemates and I, in the very same company... :)

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