Sunday, June 24, 2012


End of the most anticipated weekend.. that's why i don't like sundays..

i'm not in the mood to write anything right now.. worrying that if i'll continue, it would not be as enlightening as i want it to be. 

i'm stressed. partly with my work. not that i don't like it. the truth is i can consider myself lucky for finally finding my dream job. working in a global firm and having a challenging position really boost me yet stress always comes with it.. not complaining though. as i said, i love the challenge. 

and partly with my role as a mom. i kept asking myself if i'm a failure. i hope not. 

see, as i said, i don't want to write anything.. today is a black day for me. thank God i got this blog. talking cure is my stress reliever. and so here it goes.. :(

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