Sunday, July 01, 2012

Coronation Park..

Weather today is soooo hot but this does not stop us from enjoying a picnic brunch with the family in Coronation Park... enjoyed the good food and card games while the kids and our dog Lancelot played in the park.

Unlike our life back home and our adopted home in China, relaxation  in Canada is so limited. Not so many places to go unlike in China wherein themed parks, bars and shopping malls are sprouting everywhere and never closes earlier than we hope especially during the holidays like this  :(


aurbie said...

So good to hear from you! I seldom leave comments, but I do think about my old blogging friends. We had some good times back in the old days. I miss Pink Bird House, too.

Sounds like you are having some hot weather too. I was up on the third floor where I have my office, trying to save some money by not using the air conditioner, and with the fan on me, I watched the temperature rise to 97. I shut the computer down. Even with the air on in that room yesterday, it was 89, but top floors are always hotter. Thankfully, the rest of the house is cool.

Trying to keep the cats indoors. They have a cat door to the enclosed front porch, and they keep going out. I keep coaxing them back in, rubbing them down with some ice, which they enjoy, and then they go back out to melt again.

Hope you and your family have been well. I know you miss China and all the things to dp there. Maybe you will go back one day for good.

The park looks nice, and your dog looks like he is having a good time. Too hot here to go out for anything. 115 heat index. We have no rain in weeks, so grass is brown. Hoping for a few storms over the next few days to cool us off. Keeping put fingers crossed.

Take care, and email when you can.

Stay cool!

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

Oh my dearest Patty! been so long.. it's really so good to see you.

Yup, it's terribly hot in here. we hope to save too but we can't sleep without the aircon and additional fan to cope up. You were so right about the Canadian extreme weather. I love to walk with our dog Lance but not this time.. I can't bear the heat..

Our children are beginning to love Canada now and I don't think we will ever come back to China for good. :(

I used to meet Reggie Girl in Facebook. They opened up an organic catering business and she sounds like she's having a good time. I remember when you started the Friday Shootouts.. Those were one of the most exciting part of my blogging days..

I miss Pink Bird House too. I tried to come back to her site but i can't find it anymore..

Take care my friend..


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