Friday, February 06, 2009


2L3B’s are currently facing a major dilemma but despite of the current situation, here we are, still wacky as ever… That’s how we handle our life as a family.. We tend to smile in every afflictions, laugh at any defeat and strive harder together in order to overcome whatever failures or trials we faced. And yes, we always work hard to find the solution… hand in hand condoning every trials given to us..

Anyway, I am mighty glad because each of us is gifted with enough humor and tolerance. With this gift, you can best describe us as a ‘happy bunch’. We do not let any extraneous variables ruin us.

2L3B's is just a simple ordinary family facing common problems; sharing various degrees of ineptness, shortcomings and differences, yet we always stays together in facing life as it is.. Every end of the day, we tend to understand and tried to end up embracing each others’ faults and mistakes.. Nobody’s perfect and we specifically relate that to each one of us..

Sibling rivalry has been one of the causes of friction especially for children with similar gender born one after the other. Our first born son who’s just a year ahead his younger brother both had experienced this kind of rivalry. To overcome, we used to buy them similar outfits, similar toys when they were small; send them to similar schools and colleges and we provide them with the same degree of love, care and affection. It works.. And when our youngest daughter came four years after, we tried harder not to make the little boys felt neglected.

But as you can see, there will always some friction among siblings even if you tried hard enough.. It is not unusual for siblings to have this so-called personality differences which is familiar even between husband and wife, or between friends... Anyway, because of unconditional love, humor, tolerance and believing in God above, no amount of upheavals can let us down.

And yes, despite of all the uncertainty we are facing right now, we still have enough fun and laughter to last our lifetime...

That is pa's photo above, taken last Monday during our leisure stroll in Dongmen Beilu.. He's highly talented; an instrumentalist, businessman, musical composer, performing artist and the best husband and father in the world but look at that! gee, he’s weird..

That's our eldest, consider him as our technician and handyman.. He is a graduate of Hotel and Restaurant Management yet he excels better with computers and similar stuff. Believe it or not, he dismantled his PSP to tiny bits and pieces while we were in Pizza Hut… and few minutes later, he re-assembled the poor thing and viola..! The PSP works better than before.. I just can’t imagine how he did that and why..?

There's our second son who is a Business Management graduate yet decided to become a performing artist instead rather than work in the hotel that's hiring him.. Now he’s into photography as a hobby and look who’s his chosen subject… no other than… “ME”

And below is our little girl, (but don’t call her that or she’ll not talk to you again..) She feels she’s already an adult.. but look, this photo was taken right after her tantrums before our meal. Does adult cried over pizza..?? hehehe

Do you believe me now..? Tell me, who’s wackier than the "wackiest bunch”..?

hugs from wacky mom and wife,


mightydacz said...

sigh!!!upon reading ur post i missd mah i know how to read ur blog title i thought its tooltreebs lol two L three b from all ur im lost

Deanna said...

Hi Loida and family! I loved your post. I think Liane and my niece Marissa would get along great. She loves to throw tantrums at restaurants as well! LOL!

Oh yes..definately give Pa his award! I'm so sorry. I guess I had forgotten you said that he had his own blog! I should put that on the post, that if anyone has a man on their blogroll, to please award them with it! I think I'll go do that right now!

BTW,I promise to have the pictures of your sweet gift on Tuesday. It will be a very special post.

Love always,
Deanna :D

Judith said...

As always a wonderful post and I good laugh too at your daughters tantrums!! but glad to hear that you keep smiling. Take care my friend, Judith

Emily said...

What a lovely family you have. Thank you for visiting my blog. I'm excited to finish my project and post pictures for everyone to see.

The Pink Birdhouse said...

Hi again from Germany! Just keep on smiling and keeping the humor in your lives, sometimes it is THE only way for any of us to make it through all the hard times that we go through as families. We can be pretty whacky too, and I am sure alot of these staid and very serious germans must think odd things about me. But I like to laugh, and it is what keeps us young. And it has saved my sanity in many a difficult situation. I am glad to hear that there are other families out there like mine. Have a good weekend. Nice post, by the way. Deborah

Bonnie said...

Hi Loida!

It looks like you have a wonderful happy family! That is great. I wanted to let you know that there are 7 seasons of the Gilmore Girls. All great!

Have a great weekend!


Heart of Rachel said...

You have a lovely family. I admire how you make sure that you give equal love and attention to all your children.

Anonymous said...

That's what sets pinoy apart from other nationalities. We cope with problems like its just a joke. We can even carry a smile or a laugh in times of disaster.

As for your children. Sibling rivalry is common in a family. I'm a middle child in a brood of three, guess how many rivals do I have. But it will pass. We take care of each other, especially now.

Philippines said...

such a happy family,, keep the spirit high :)

Renie Burghardt said...

Love and laughter go hand in hand! You have a lovely, fun, family. I enjoyed visiting and will visit again.

Hugs and blessings,


Loida of the 2L3B's said...

dear friends, may i apologize for the delayed reply to all your comments.

hehehe now i had placed at the right-hand corner what 2L3B's stands for. we hope that in time, you'll be with ur family together. ur still young and we actually started that way too.. i mean being separated with our kids when they were young.. but here we are now, the fruit of our sufferings paid off..

my dearest friend, thank you.. i hope liane and marissa could meet even in the net. that would be lovely. i can imagine them together in flesh while having their tantrums.. hahaha...
Later i will give the award to my husband bayani's blogs.. thank you in advanced.
may i apologize to marcial because i was not able to placed his photo in my blogs. only yours and our other friends.. you're all our inspiration.. i'm excited about your forthcoming 25th wedding anniversary on sept.. see you again later... hugs from Loida, bayani and kids..

my dear judith, thanks for the comments.. yeah liane is a 'trying hard adult' and it made us smile all the time seeing her trying out some outfit.. and you know what, she also uses vaseline now instead of lip gloss after seeing your blogs about you having a jar of vaseline for the lips.. she said it is more effective.. thanks for the beauty tips.. have a nice day my friend..

to JEMM:
Thanks a lot for visiting our blog. I am waiting for your next up-date about your project.. see you soon..

Dear Debby, yeah i understand you because sometimes we felt that way too. some people here in china doesn't know how to laugh and made fun.. i always read your blog and thanks for sharing to us the new places you are visiting in germany especially the castles.. hope to see more of it soon.. thanks my friend..

thanks for dropping by. OMG, meaning we are too far behind with the Gilmore's..? My daughter and myself really enjoyed watching it together.. We will try to find the seasons 3 to 8.. Oh my, that would be a lot and i need a week to finish that.. thanks for the advise. in a meantime, we're into Gossip Girls and Desperate Housewives.. Have a nice day my friend..


thanks for the comment rachel. i can see from your blog how warm and organized mom you are.. such a lovely family you got there.. the photo of you hubby and your son doing the cooking together is heartwarming.. thanks for sharing..


hello my dear friend.. i had learned from you again.. hehehe, i mean, how to reply to the comments..

BTW, the script you had provided on 'comments'. it actually works in my computer in hong kong but it is not accessible when i am here in china.. i don't know why but i'm very thankful.. thank you my friend..

yes, we are such a happy bunch. glad that you had overcame the sibling rivalry.. actually it's no longer a big issue to us anymore now that they're getting older so the fun continues...


hello and welcome to our world.. thanks for dropping by my friend.. nice baby and family you got there.. we missed those times when we have to take care of toodlers, how much we missed kissing and hugging them.... now we end up having children taller and bigger than us.. hehehe.. hope to see you again.. God bless.

Thanks for dropping by my friend.. We hope to see you again.. We love meeting new friends and we're sure to visit you often this time.. God bless..

Best regards to all of you guys..

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

Reggie Girl thinks that you are an intense and insightful thinker and that you are HILARIOUS!!

Hey, I'll send you that book "Playing For Pizza"....somehow we'll have to figure out how to exchange addresses without going it on the blogsite. I'm serious here, I'll send you a couple of John Grisham books that you haven't read yet.

Let me know what you think.....hit my blog to answer me if you don't mind. It's a little easier for me that way ;=}

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

Dear Reggie, Thanks a lot, Oh My God, you mean you will really send me John Grisham's novel?
I'm worrying, the cost for posting might be a lot. I'm living here in China, Our Home
Address is :
Loida V. Bernardo-Llagas
Blk. 71, Rm. 3B, Dongle Garden, Buxin Road
Shenzhen, China, PC: 518020
Tel.: 86-755-25007364

I can send you the postal fee. Please e-mail me your address and I can send it via
Western Union. Oh My God, I can't believe this.. You're such a generous friend... Please
advise which of JG's novels you don't have yet, I'll send it to you.. Or anything you
want me send you from China.. Please advise, I would love to return the favor..(sorry I'm
getting corny, I got carried away..) God, I love you girl.. This is my first time
receiving this kind of favor from someone I haven't met..

corny mom from China, Loida of 2L3B's

February 9, 2009 11:34 PM

MuseSwings said...

Hello! You have a wonderful family! Sibling rivalry is there no matter what we do to avoid it. My brothers and sisters still say "Mom always liked me best" to each other in fun.

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...


Gotcha covered on "Playing With Pizza" (don't get too excited, it just the paperback...sorry;=()

No worries on sending the book to China. It can't be that much. We have grown kiddos in London and Wales and send international all of the time. We are in the process of moving, as you know by my blog. I think I have the hardbacks to the 2 other Grisham books that you want to read as well. Give me a little time and I'll get them off to you as well.

Take care and speak soon.

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Attic Clutter said...

Oh what a fun time I had looking at your nice family ..and a ''daughter to boot'' you lucky woman ..I had 3 boys an wanted a girl sosososo bad(:)
Love the great family attitude ..

Sardonyx said...

Nice blog and you have a wonderful family. Kakatuwa yun anak mo na "tinopak" hehehe funny :-)

The Pink Birdhouse said...

Loida, dear friend, I have a "Beautiful Blog Award" waiting for you! I think your blog is just great, so honest and well written, making it a reflection of you! And I think it is lovely the way you have it set up. Hugs, Debby

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

Dear Loida, my new bloggy friend,

I sent you a package yesterday. It is under custom's form #:LC955586681US. Please let me know when it arrives to you. Here's hoping it doesn't get held up in customs!!

Take care my friend ;=}

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Loida of the 2L3B's said...


Dear Reggue Girl, I was highly touched.. thanks a lot.. gotta wait for your postal address to return the favour.. i got one for you this valentines day my friend..

thanks a lot for the kind comments. It's really a wonder how the family get on along with each other.. hope to see you again soon.. have a nice day my friend...



hello my dear friend, yes it is really wonderful to have a daughter other than the boys.. me and my daughter used to have fun time together sharing secrets and all.. maybe it's not yet too late for you to try my friend.. i'm telling you, it's worth it.. hope to see you again..



Salamat po.. Hehehe, my daughter is such a cool kid and sometimes surprise us with her tantrums..
See you again later.. thanks and have a nice day..



OMG, thanks a lot Debby.. Such a sweet lady you are.. I am highly touched.. I love you my friend..

aurbie said...

I love all of your photos! Your family looks so nice, and happy!

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