Thursday, February 19, 2009


There are so many surprises in blogsworld.. Most of it are fun and exciting... One of those are meeting new friends that initiates exciting games such as tagging... As per request, I was tagged by Betsy of My Five Men, to name 10 things that I love that starts with the letter "T". I'm kind of excited because Letter Game Tagging is new to me. they are!

What better way to represent the letter "T" than this beautiful cross.. This not only reminds me of the letter "T" but reminding me of the faith that will always linger in our hearts..

1.) "T" stands for the number "THREE": If you consider number 3 as a thing that I love, then you bet 'coz it represents the number of children I gave birth, nurture, pampered and love..

2.) "T" for "TERRACE" in our Home Sweet Home.. I terribly love and miss this place.. This is where we used to spend our quality time together with my husband and children savouring the fruits of our labor..

3.) "T" stands for "TEDDY BEAR": Myself and the whole family love this Teddy Bear that we have to carry it everywhere we go...

4.) "T" for "TRINKETS" and Jewelries which my daughter and I love to collect, cherish and adore..

5.) "T" for "TELEPHONES" that I cannot live without... to hear the voice of all the people I love.

6.) "T" for "TEA SETS" that I love to look at.. I got various Tea Set collections in our home and each has a special meaning to me...

7.) "T" stands for "TEXTILES", with its beautiful, rich and colorful textures that is so pretty when trasformed into beautiful dresses, curtains and etsy that my daughter and myself are into lately..

8.)"T" means "TREES"... I begun to love trees when I was six. I used to sit on a large branch of my favourite big guava tree in our farm and there I daydreamed of what I wanna be.. Oftentimes even now whenever I feel blue, I just look out on the trees and melancholy used to turn back out of me..

9.) "T" for "T-SHIRTS" that I used to collect whenever I travel. I have collections of T-shirts from all the countries I had visited..

and finally number...10!

10.) "T" signifies "TRAVEL" which my husband and myself love to take together, not only to various exotic places; travel for us also means journey to the life that we lead hand in hand..

Thanks Betsy of My Five Men.. I really enjoyed doing this. Despite of the hectic work load, I had tried to find time thinking of things to blog about that starts with the letter "T". I hope that you enjoyed my Letter Game too.

If you want to continue this Letter Game, please give me a comment and I'll pass it on to you..

Thanks for taking time visiting us here.. See you soon..


Leslie said...

What a lovely "T" blog, that Betsy a great person. You can tell by peoples "Blogs" she gave me the letter "G" but, I really love word games, so I ask you to give me a letter, too. I play Scrabble on my computer everyday, sometimes more than once.
I just wish I had a good camera so I could add pictures to my blog.
Have a Blessed week-end my friend. Hugs to you all~~~~~Leslie

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

Dearest Leslie,
Thanks that you found my "T" blog lovely... Yes, Betsy seems a very nice person. I hope that your wish for a good camera would come true soon. We would love to see what's around you that you love most.. Please take care always my dear friend..
I hope to give you a letter "F"..

Renie Burghardt said...

Loved your letter T selections and the pictures to go along with it. What a beautiful family you have.

Have a happy weekend!

Hugs and blessings,


PS. We are still in the middle of cleaning up after the ice storm, so I have little time for bloggin and doing this meme. Maybe one day soon.

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

Oh my collect trinkets as well??? Me too, they are one of my many passions.
Did your package ever make it through Customs. Custom's always worries me. Let me know.
Your blog makes me smile and I always have a great happy day when I ready your words.

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

Dear Renie,
Thanks that you like my "T" selections... No problem about the letter game, please take care of yourself. i hope somebody helps you with the cleaning up.. God bless my friend..
Care, Loida

Loida of the 2L3B's said...


Dearest Reggie,

Hello my friend.. What a surprise. Glad to know that you like collecting trinkets.. You'll gonna receive one too.. But please give me your postal address in my safe e-mail address (
This seems my 2nd request for your postal address.. Please reply..

Maybe there's some problem with the custom regarding the package? I'm not sure, please advice which courier so i can follow up..

If you can find the time for a Letter Game, can I give you an "F" ?

Thanks my friend and have a nice weekend..

maryt/theteach said...

Thanks for visiting me and my post "Loking at the Sky on Friday." Join us and post your sky for us! :)

caviaoskie said...

tag me ma.. luv ya!

Danette said...

I love your list and all the beautiful pictures. Your children are absolutely gorgeous! And you and your husband look so happy together. That's the way my hubby & I are. It sure makes life sweeter!
Have a great day in China!:)

Anonymous said...

You did a wonderful job with the "T blog"! I just love your blog & I am so glad you came to visit me!! Have a wonderful Weekend!!
Love to You !

aurbie said...

"T" is for a "t"errific post. Love your "t"rinkets and your photos are the "t"ops.

Lavinia said...

I love all of these "T" words! You sound like a really fun bunch. This letter game is so enjoyable. I could have come up with many more "D" words....hard to limit it to just 10.

Loida of the 2L3B's said...


Hi there Mary, nice meeting you. OK, I'll gonna post how our sky here looks like... Just give us few more hours till my office hour is done then me and my daughter will gonna take some photos thos weekend.. Thanks for the invite..

luv u pa.


thanks for the kind comment. and nice know you and your beutiful family. Have a sweet and enjoyable weekend ahead my friend..


thaks that you liked my "T" blog. And nice of you to visit too. You can have your letter too.. What about a "C" ? Have a nice bloging my friend and hope to see you again soon.


Dearest Patty,
Hahaha, you really made me smile all the time. Thanks for liking my T blogs. You want a letter too? I would love to hear about your letter "N" if you want to..
Miss you friend and please give us more of your beautiful photo shots. You're such a talented artist..



Hello my new friend. Thanks for dropping by and thanks that you liked my "T" blogs.. Yeah, it's really exciting.. Come on, give us your best "D" words that you love.. enjoy.. :)

Deanna said...

Hi my dear sweet Loida! I'm back after a much needed rest.

I'm glad to see that you and the family are doing great! I've missed you dearly. I've taken some wonderful photos of your gift to me and I will for sure post them on Monday. Also, I will be sending you momentos of Texas to you and your dear family. I hope to send them out at the end of the month.

Oh, and I loved your post about the letter T. It was sincere and so very thoughtful.

Many hugs to you all!
Deanna :D

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Oh wow...what a great post! You gave great examples of the letter T. I loved it! You made me smile!! What a warm and wonderful blog.
I shall return. Have a wonderful weekend.

the wild raspberry said...

this was a very fun post....i liked it a lot. my favorite "t" was the tree. really sweet.
have a great weekend.

aurbie said...

The letter "N" - I will take it. Give me a few days.

I see Reggie Girl is here. Isn't is nice to be able to meet new friends, and travel around the world with them and meet more new friends?

We need to figure out how to have a virtual tea-party. We can all sit down at the same time with our favorite tea (I am not a coffee lover and "coffee party" does not sounds as cute), and chat for awhile via our blogs.

We will have to work out the details on that.

OK, Reggie Girl, we want to see some photos of your trinkets.

I really love your photos 2L3B. You do a great job. There is a "T" in great.

Leslie, I love Scrabble, too. I am great, in a "Dick and Jane Can Run" kind of way.

Betsy Brock said... did a great job! I love all of those T words, too! And you have great taste in jewelry! That ring is beautiful! And that terrace is gorgeous! I see why you loved to spend time there! Thanks for playing along! Fun, fun!

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

I miss you my dearest friend.. I hope you had a wonderful time with Marshall.. Thanks that you had a much needed rest.
My friend, I am flattered and grateful that you thought of me. As much as I would like to have a momentos from Texas, the mere thought is enough.
And BTW, the embassy is now getting our passports. I'm not sure if this means we'll be stateside soon..
Please take care out there..
Have a lovely time with Marshall.
Hugs and kisses,



Dear Mona,
Nice of you to visit our blog loving my T letter words.. I think I'll gonna visit you more often. Your blog is inspiring. Thank you my friend and hope to see you again soon.

Loida of 2L3B's

Dearest Chasity,
Thanks for liking my T Letter Words blog. Yeah I really love trees.. Would you like a letter too? Nice meeting you my friend.. Have a happy Sunday..


Dearest PATTY

Yeah, the virtual TEA PARTY would be great.. What if I send some Chinese Teas at your end before the party..? Please give me yous postal address and you'll have it..


Dearest BETSY,

Yeah I really enjoyed it.. Thanks to you.. Some of our friends said that you're such a good person and I believed them.. Thanks for being our friend. God bless you and your handsome five men..
loida of 2L3B's

Missy said...

"T"ruly amazing blog for "T" :-) and you really have a nice and happy family. Keep it up. Nice shots too to represent all your "Ts"

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